Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Could Agbonlahor be on Fergie's transfer radar?

When you start to look around for potential new strikers' you soon realise there's not a lot of top quality choice, and Manchester United quite probably need not one but two.

One such potential target has been in the news this week, Inter Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimović, but it has so far been an over-heated transfer market with inflated fees to match following Real Madrid's outrageous spending spree.

In the wake of reports linking Ibrahimović to Spain's top two clubs, Inter Milan have slapped a massive €90m on the striker’s head - he really isn't that good, and if Massimo Moratti is true to his word the big Swedish striker will still be an Inter Milan player when the transfer window closes.

We are told that Lyon's Benzema has no great desire to play in England and that Frank Ribery's price tag is likely to rule out any move for him. So it seems like Fergie will have to look elsewhere, perhaps United could do worse than look closer to home.

One such player springs to mind, Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor, he's young, he's quick and he's quite skilful. Agbonlahor scored just 12 goals last season and 11 the season before last. However, he scored against United and looks like a player who could go on to improve and he works hard for his team.

No one can replace Ronaldo in the short-term, but that doesn't mean Fergie cannot continue to build; signing a young striker with potential like Agbonlahor would be a decent option given the lack of availability elsewhere.


  1. Now this is total utter nonsense gabby is a average player who relies far too much on his pace. his technical ability and first touch is atrocious. watch the euro udr 21 championship and you will no doubt agree with me.

  2. I will take a look, but whenever I've seen him he's looked pretty good to me. He scored against one of the big clubs last season (United) which is something Berbatov failed to do.

  3. i think youre looking at the wrong villa player! A young is surely a better bet. Young, quick, great set piece delivery, tracks back, plays on left or right or up front in a 3 he would be a cheaper and more sure option than the rest of europes stars..

  4. For starters, berbatov scored the third against chelsea at Old trafford. Plus if Agbonlahor has looked good to you, you can't have seen him much. He went through a period of 10 games this season where he was Villa's only striker, he scored 1 goal. 2 years ago he may of been considered, but he hasn't develope at all since then. You need more then pace to be a United player

  5. I hope not. A player that has flattered to deceive for years. I'd take Ashley Young though...

  6. Agbonlahor is an exciting prospect for the future but i don't think that is what we need. There are already prospects at Utd and if we are to lose both Tevez and Ronny then bringing in someone ready for 1st team football has to be the prefered option. ALthough who is out there right now i am not sure. Yes we'd love Torres but never gonna happen. Maybe Villa could be the answer although i fear he would struggle in the premiership due to his size. I think Benzema is everyones choice but he isn't interested. I'm really not sure who we'll go for but i think we'll see Rooney and Berbe up top. Hoepfully with Berbe playing as the front man rahter than coming so deep.

    I believe, unfortunately, that our search this summer could be rather fruitless.

  7. Liam,

    I will admit I do not watch Agbonlahor every week and so I'm no expert on him or come to that any other Villa players. Ashley Young has been mentioned by some fans, but again I couldn't be 100% sure about him either.

    I put up the name of Agbonlahor precisely because there's a shortage of obvious candidates... if you can come up with any of your own suggestions then let's hear them, but do not repeat the ones already mentioned.

    I forgot about Berbatov's goal against Chelski, so my bad...but as you can probably tell from my posts I don't think he's the answer to United's problems. I would sell him tomorrow along with Nani.

    Regarding your point about demanding to know who sold Ronaldo and the Glazers. 24 hours after I posted that "the fans need to know" stories attributed to the Glazer family claimed that it was Fergie - I'm not saying they responded to my story directly, but I haven't seen any other media outlet be it mainstream or from the blogosphere asking the same question(if you can show me another then do so). However with that said it was a big question that needed an answer. So if you don't mind I will continue to ask searching questions when the need arises...

  8. Larry, I too fear the worst, but obvisouly I hope Fergie has a plan, because he's had 12 months in which to plan ahead.

  9. Giuseppe Rossi has really come alive in the past couple of seasons, and is showing that he will definitely be one of the top European strikers.

    Can United sign him back? Its now looking like a mistake to let him go, especially seeing his performances for Villareal and Italy in the Confederations Cup

  10. To he honest,I has thinking the same way as you are.I mean sure Agbonlahor does'nt pile up stacks of goals,but its the work ethic,the pace and the power that he possesses that astounds me.Best of all he's still yet to be at his peak,so if he continues to bloom in the right hands,I truly believe that he could be a world-class striker.


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