Friday, March 06, 2009

Taylorgate, it's official: One rule for United stars, another for the rest......

SO then, referee Steve Bennett has reviewed video footage of the Steven Taylor karate chopping Ronaldo and has decided that the incident was only worthy of a yellow card and not red.

Manchester United supporters around the world should be shocked at this news - but then again maybe not - because there's long been a suspicion that contrary to the views of the likes of Arsene Wenger, United stars are treated more harshly than the rest, this latest sorry episode concerning Taylor is confirmation of that. It comes on the back of Patrice Evra receiving a four match ban for an incident which didn't even take place in the Chelsea vs United match last April.

United fans will recall that in 2001, it was Bennett who sent-off Roy Keane for throwing the ball at Alan Shearer, the United skipper then raised his arms in an aggressive manner, but importantly he never actually made contact with the Newcastle striker - for this Keane received his marching orders together with a three-match ban.

Are we then to assume that since 2001, Bennett has rewritten his own rule-book and elbowing players in the face is now worthy of a yellow card? In point of fact it seems that Bennett has two rule-books; one for Manchester United stars and another for the rest. You also wonder if Bennett needs his eyes testing given he never saw Taylor's elbow on Ronaldo, more likely he chose to turn a blind eye to the incident.


  1. Makes you think doesn't it.
    How a top referee missed the incident ( and what aws his assistant looking at) beggers belief. I always thought that if a player raises his hands to another players face, never mind smacks him across the face, gets an automatic red card He then only books Taylor for the attack on Carrick. The FA are a joke too by not taking action when reviewing the incidents but then what do you expect when they did nothing about the corner flag incident during the Liverpool Chelsea match. If a players career is ended by another incident will they take action then - maybe but don't hold your breath

  2. You're right, I too was under the impression that raising your arms in the face of an opponent (never mind striking someone) was a straight red card.

    I've long thought that Bennett favours the home team when such incidents occur, this latest disgrace just backs that theory up.

    I forgot to mention that Pogatetz recently got away with near strangling Ronaldo - as you put it, perhaps only when someone seriously injures a player like Cristiano will action be taken.

    Fergie has been forced to keep a lid on his fully justified complaints (thank you barmy Rafa) about the need for player protection, added to which if United go carping to the FA they will get nowhwere - this latest incident also confirms how useless and pointless the video review process is because this should be an open and shut case of Taylor receiving at least a three game ban, but he's got away with it. I for one am livid.

  3. Yellow for striking Ronaldo with his forearm and a yellow for scytheing down Carrick = RED, imho.

  4. If one watches carefully, Taylor did not just savagely elbow Ronaldo. As if that was not enough, he tried to trip him from behind but failed. Now the Bennett's assistant was right next to them. How referees and the FA expect respect towards the officials is beyond me. Ronaldo is definately targeted both by other players and by the officials. He got a yellow in the Cup final last week when he should have got a penalty. Remember against Pompey when he got sent of for retaliation after a whole match being kicked and pulled all over the pitch. Who was the referee then? Remember Paul Scholes getting sent off v Liverpool for lashing out without making contact. This brings me to ask what Benitez was ranting about when he suggested United get away with murder. A set of rules for United and another set for the rest. Since Newcastle have a few ex Man Utd players I was hoping they stay up. After this and for the sake of Taylor, I hope they go down.


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