Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick and tired of the "crazy man" ****? How to beat International Groundhog week ......

IT's only when these god forsaken international breaks come around that you realise exactly how much Manchester United takes over your life. What is a man to do on a weekend with no club football? A bit of girly shopping perhaps? Decorating? Gardening? You cannot even read the papers because they are still full of crap stories about Capello and his "crazy man" jibe at Rooney. I actually despise sections of our media; these feelings are intensified where Ingerlund are concerned.

In a bid to fill in any spare time and to get away from football at such times, I've decided to start drawing and painting, yes really.... On that note, any likeminded fans who fancy a stab at winning a new United shirt can do so by entering the Republik of Mancunia Competition

To enter all you have to do is create an image using Microsoft Paint, here's one I did earlier..

...all say "ah" for those oh so golden memories...

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