Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guillem Balague: Egg on face over Ronaldo to Real claims...

It isn't often that speculative reporting (creative writing) concerning the future of top footballers' goes as horribly wrong as it did for Guillem Balague recently, when via his own rumour mill website, the Spaniard confidently claimed Ronaldo had agreed a deal with Ramón Calderón to join Real Madrid next summer.

Earlier that week Ronaldo had been asked if he'd agreed to join the Spanish Champions, this was following media reports which claimed Florentino Pérez had struck an agreement with the player's agent. Ronaldo flatly denied the report.

However, the basis of Balague's story was that Ronaldo had no agreement with Perez, but with Ramón Calderón the then current Real Madrid President. But due to some rather unfortunate timing it then emerged that Calderón had been caught up in an alleged vote rigging scandal (no real surprise there) which led to his eventual resignation.

Sadly as United fans will be only too aware, the end of Calderón doesn't mean the end of Ronaldo to Real talk; indeed we will never really know if there was any truth behind the original claims made by the Spanish journalist. United fans will no doubt be aware that Ronaldo recently trademarked "CR9" and following on from that, one theory being bandied around is that Madrid have reserved the number nine shirt.

UPDATE on yesterday's top story: Gerrard in the Dock: as takeover talk erupts - a timely coincidence?

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