Thursday, December 18, 2008

United give "Mickey Mouse" FIFA Club World Cup credibility....

I really didn't think that I'd be writing this today, but United's performance in the much maligned FIFA Club World Cup has given the competition a degree of credibility, largely because the Red Devils took their first match - albeit a ludicrous bye to the semi-final - seriously by fielding a strong side that included Ronaldo plus many of the regular first eleven.

The semi-final was watched by millions around the football globe on tv and the stadium looked packed. Every time Ronaldo went near the ball the crowd went wild and rightly so because today he looked the part, which hasn't been the case every week thus far this season.

United were simply too powerful for Gamba Osaka, who showed some nice touches and made sure it was a decent contest by scoring arguably the best two goals in the match that ended 5-3 to the Champions of Europe.

The only sour note was the booking for substitute Wayne Rooney, who notched a second half-brace. For some reason Rooney decided to boot an Osaka player who was lay on the pitch while trying to retain the ball. Unlike the press, who have been trying their level best to get Rooney banned in Europe, I think it is about time that Fergie had a word with his star striker, because clearly there was no need for his second half yellow card - the incident was out of keeping of a match that had been played in good spirit.

IF you didn't manage to see the game, then make sure you do not miss the final next Sunday which will be screened in the UK on Channel 5 starting at 10.20 am. If the final is half as good as today's game then you will not be disappointed.

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  1. wonderful game.. would have liked to see Park JS instead of nani. he is full of crap.``


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