Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The media: The enemy within.....

So then United have decided not to tackle the FA over their totally over-the-top decision to ban Patrice Evra for four matches following his contretemps with a member of Chelsea's low-life groundstaff. The decision not to appeal comes just 24 hours after the FA announced that no further action will be taken against Ronaldo following a minor fit of petulance at White Hart Lane on Saturday when the Portuguese winger was caught lashing out at Michael Dawson.

Not surprisingly, there was the usual cries for disciplinary action from some of the media, Rob Shepherd of the News of the World likened the incident to the David Beckham sending-off in the 1998 World Cup - but on this occasion it was the FA who saw sense when confirming that the Mike Dean had viewed the incident and concluded it wasn't a sending-off - such a pity the press couldn't come to the same rather obvious conclusion, but hey, we are talking about a Manchester United player and that is big news. It doesn't alter the fact that the press, like many commentators seem incapable of understanding the rules of the game.

It was the same idiots in media who wanted Rooney banned from the Champions League following the Aalborg clash last week when the United striker appeared to stamp on a Danish defender.

In the wake of the Aalblorg clash the sanctimonious media have been waging war on United by telling us all that Rooney needs "sorting out".
Question; do the press in Spain, Italy or Germany go out on a limb in a bid to have their top players suspended for European competition? The answer to that is no. The only conclusion that I can come to is that our press boys are too much like fans, why else would you want to see a rival's top striker banned from Europe.

Perhaps Fergie should restrict his press briefings to just MUTV, if that happened you really could not blame the United manager.

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