Friday, December 19, 2008

Inter Milan: It's the worst draw possible for United...

I was talking to a City fan this week about United and the recent derby, we also spoke about the impending Chammpions League draw and I said that the Reds would get Inter Milan. Ever since United won their group I've been thinking that we'd face Jose Mourinho's team. It is nothing short of a disasterous draw for United because Mourinho knows how to beat Ferguson and United.

It doesn't matter what the bookmakers say, Inter should be the favourites despite being drawn at home first. If only United had finished runner-up we'd now be facing Panathinaikos - you could say that view is with the benefit of hindsight, but I've had a bad feeling about meeting Inter for several weeks. Liverpool fans have been crowing about beating Inter comfortably last season, but that was before Mourinho arrived, they will be a much tougher proposition now.

I am not completely writing off United's chances because over the last few weeks the Reds defence has looked fairly solid away from home and the Champions have been playing some confident football, but without creating enough clear cut goal-scoring opportunities. My lack of confidence stems from United's current inability to create chances. Ronaldo hasn't been performing as he can and for me the Rooney / Berbatov partnership has not blossomed.

If however United can overcome Inter Milan then I'd expect them to win the competition, but at this moment in time I do not see the Red Devils progressing beyond the group of 16.


  1. Hello,
    it will be very difficult cause Jose knows very well the United´s play and besides Inter has an excellent squad with an incredible Ibrahimovic.
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  2. I dont really understand Dunns views on this fixture, Inter Milan are a good side, but have not really challenged for the champions league in recent seasons, and although they have done very well domestically over the past few years, the italian league is not what is used to be. Dunn talks about inter's 'know how' but what about uniteds? They are the reigning cl champs for a reason, and have been consistently better than milan in the competition for years now. There is a tendency for english journalists to overate some of the foreign teams and this is a classic example of this, remember liverpool last year? Though the game will be difficult for united, particually with injuries/suspension in central defence causing concern, to suggest inter are just too strong for united and that it will be a 'huge ask' for united to beat inter is ludicrous


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