Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have the Glazers' sanctioned Ronaldo to Real deal behind Fergie's back?

Real Madrid could be viewed as the dumbest club in the world, they claim to have a secret deal in place to sign Ronaldo and then one of their directors blows the secret by revealing it to the outside world. But is this latest plot plain dumb or is it the start of another calculated media onslaught in a bid to sign Ronaldo?

The media love these stories and as expected there's been no shortage of those repeating the claim that Ronaldo will sign for Real Madrid, but I for one do not believe the Portuguese star will be signing for Real Madrid any time soon.

It's worth noting that Real Madrid are a club in trouble, following their failed attempts to sign Ronaldo last summer and following on from that they're under performing in La Liga, but for Castillas they would have been totally humiliated against Barcelona in the Nou Camp on Saturday night.

The bottom line is the Real Madrid fans are desperately seeking some good news after the recent sacking of manager Bernd Schuster. The fact that a highly placed club source has blabbed this latest story about Real signing Ronaldo should be taken within the context of a struggling club who are desperately trying to appease their own supporters - even if it means lying to them and upsetting United again.

From the Red Devils perspective, Ferguson, as if it were needed, has once more made it crystal clear that there's no way United will do any sort of business with Real Madrid, he's actually gone on record today saying he "wouldn't sell them a virus".

There is of course a remote possibility that Real have gone directly to the Glazers' behind Fergie's back, but here again the fact that Fergie runs the club with an iron-grip would I hope rule out the club's owners doing the dirty on the manager by agreeing to sell Ronaldo without first seeking Fergie's consent. This is why I actually believe it's a good thing that this latest story has come out, because it has only served to further enrage Fergie who has publicly confirmed his stance on this issue. Following on from that scenario, the Glazers' would surely not dare to sanction any deal - even if they've been thinking about it...

IF however, Fergie has let the Glazers' know that he's set to retire at the season's end, it would I fear put a completely different complexion on the whole situation - but if the United manager is true to his word he will be in charge again next season which could be his last and if that is so then Ronaldo will not be joining Real Madrid next summer.

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