Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Has Fergie lost the plot over Mickey Mouse club world cup?..

I don't know what Fergie has been drinking lately but going off his comments coming out of Yokohama ahead of United's game with Gamba Osaka in the FIFA Club World Cup, it sounds like the United manager is losing the plot because he says "It's a big incentive to become world champions," and.."In 30 years' time you look back and say 'Manchester United - world champions' - to me that is what our club's about."

The fact of the matter is, few fans are in favour of what is a badly timed distraction, and surely United cannot be happy about having to trek half-way round the world to play what amounts to a couple of exhibition games.

On Fergie's point about this big incentive; this is utter nonsense, can anyone tell me who the previous winners are without reverting to the FIFA website? The answer to that is surely no, unless you're a complete anorak.

Winning the Club World Cup will be akin to the winning the old Watney Cup or else the Daily Mail five-a-side competition - actually, that's not true, because the latter had more cachet about it than Blatter's debacle.

Contrary to what Fergie says, in 30 years time it is likely that few will even remember this competition. The FIFA Club World Cup is an embarrassing joke of a tournament, it is a Mickey Mouse competition created by the Walt Disney of football, one Sepp Blatter.

In publicly supporting this tournament, Fergie is going along with United's PR games in the pursuit of greed. United are in Japan for all of the wrong reasons and anyone who says otherwise is either on the FIFA payroll or completely daft.

I will agree with Fergie on one thing though, which is his opposition to the 39th game which is another bad idea, the only saving grace is that Blatter didn't think of it first otherwise it might have been a goer.

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