Monday, December 15, 2008

Fergie should extend media ban to Andy Dunn and Rob Shepherd...

At the back end of last week prior to the Spurs clash Fergie went on the offensive over what he saw as the media trying to get Wayne Rooney banned in Europe following United's clash with Aalborg in the Champions League.

Fergie was clearly upset with the Daily Express among others for pursuing Rooney and highlighting this episode. The United manager told the media that they would receive no information on Wayne Rooney at his Friday press-briefing.

Video footage confirmed that Rooney had indeed caught a Danish defender with his studs and UEFA promised to review the incident. The media have in the eyes of the United manager been doing all they can to stop United from retaining the Champions League by continually carping-on about Rooney. Well it hasn't worked, because UEFA have announced that no further action against Rooney will be taken..

The coverage of the Rooney stamping incident by the News of the World also needs to be highlighted. It should come as little surprise to United fans that pants
scouse columnist Andy Dunn wanted Wayne Rooney banned; he used the phrase "throw the book at Rooney" - I for one hope that Fergie now bans Dunn in turn.

While the United manager is at it, he could also ban Rob Shepherd, who wanted Ronaldo banned for his kick at Michael Dawson at Spurs on Saturday. Shepherd recalled that Ronaldo's kick was just like Beckham's in the 1998 world cup finals - no mention that the Beckham sending off was in the mind of most clear thinking fans an unjust reaction to what was petulance which at worst warranted a yellow-card.

It just goes to show that when the media have a witch-hunt against a player or as in this case a club, they will dig up incidents from the past even if it means making reference to events from 10 years previously which is fairly pathetic it has to be said.

Happily, it has been announced that no further action will be taken against Ronaldo, let's hope that Fergie now issues his own bans to Shepherd and Dunn.

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