Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fence sitting FA happy to brush racist abuse claims under carpet...

I'm glad that United are going to explore all possibilities in relation to the FAs totally over-the-top decision to ban Patrice Evra for four matches following a brawl with Sam Bethell, a member of the Chelsea ground-staff. United have claimed that Evra was the victim of racial abuse, my own view is that Evra must have been severely provoked into defending himself in such a manner, because the notion that stars' like Evra will pick a fight with a staff member of the opposition for no good reason is fanciful at best.

Football is a game in which sadly racial abuse is all too often tolerated or else it is brushed under the carpet, which could well be the case on this occasion. In fining Evra heavily and worse still banning him for four matches - which will harm United's chances of retaining the title - the FA have chosen to ignore the Frenchman's defence and all in probability the witness statements submitted in support of Evra by his team-mates on this matter.

Chelsea have been fined £25,000 for failing to control a staff member. This is another example of wrist-slapping both parties and fence sitting with the FA clearly wanting to be seen not taking sides. However, sections of the media have taken the view that the FA have vindicated Chelsea's claim that there was no racial abuse of Evra, but if the racial abuse claims are true, it effectively means that the FA have abdicated their responsibility as custodians of the game in the name of keeping a lid on sordid events such as this latest spat.

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