Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FA must punish Pogatetz the Boro strangler...

How many times have football fans been told that players are not allowed to raise their arms in a bid to man-handle an opponent? Countless times I'd venture. United took on Boro last night and won by a rather satisfying scoreline of 1-0 for the second game on the bounce, courtesy of Berbatov's second-half finish. Are you watching Liverpool?

As I'd mentioned in my pre-match preview, Boro are a dirty side and so it came as no surprise that 'mad dog' Pogatetz was involved in yet more controversy as so often is the case when these two teams meet, I actually blame Gareth Southgate for these problems. It is no coincidence that his players go over the top, Rodrigo Possebon was lucky not to have his leg broken when the two sides last met. Perhaps it will take a broken leg for Southgate to take action.

Last night at Old Trafford, Pogatetz took it upon himself to not only raise his arms, oh no, he went much further when appearing to strangle Cristiano Ronaldo. Question; is there an unwritten rule endorsed by referees, opposing managers and players who all believe it is ok to go out and hurt Ronaldo?

IF Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney or any other United player had attempted to strangle a Boro player I doubt they'd have stayed on the pitch. The fact is sadly too many of our poor referee's like to be the star of the show and sending off a player like Ronaldo catapult's the said official into the limelight.

If the FA does nothing and ignores Pogatetz's attempt to choke Ronaldo, it will add weight to the claims that it's one rule for United players and another for the rest. I'm actually looking forward to hearing what the FA has to say on this episode; one thing is for certain the referee cannot say he saw the incident and that no further action is required, because if he does he's sanctioning attempted strangulation on the field of play.


  1. So it's ok for Ronaldo to shove and confront him on the way off the pitch and fight his way into the away dressing room I assume?

  2. Hi, I'm a Boro fan. I've been watching them for 20 years and in that period of time have never heard someone say we are a dirty team, well done you are the first. As for Pogatetz throttling Ronaldo, do you not think he was provoked to those actions? It was so blatant that he didn't care if he had been sent off, it was just pure luck that the officials did not see it. Also, you're putting the blame on Southgate for this?! Southgate made Pogatetz the club captain. Do you think he made him club captain because he is a dirty player? No, he made him captain because he is a leader and has bags of passion. Don't forget Southgate was a very good captain in his playing days so he knows what the requirements are for being a good captain. As for the Possebon tackle, that was clear to see that Pogatetz was challenging full hearted for the ball. Look at the replays again and don't read what the press say. That was hyped up too much because Ferguson was furious with one of his kids getting injured. I call it media frenzy. Have you noticed that last nights incident has not been talked about so much. The reason being is because Sir Alex accepts that that is what goes on in the penalty box. As for the game. We defended well against your quality strikers and deserved a point. Berbatov's strike was class, but that is what you get from a player that is worth £30million.

  3. Dave, could it be that Ronaldo was just a tad upset after being strangled?

  4. Stuart.

    Southgate needs to get a grip of your players but not by the throat and end of.

  5. So as long as he's upset it's ok to do that then?

    Both players are in the wrong, but I wouldn't expect United fans to see that.

  6. No, just the strangler is at fault, because by rights he should have been sent-off before the second confrontation.

  7. There's no point in continuing the argument with a person so biased.
    You're effectively saying retaliation is ok as long as you're provoked.
    I'd love to see your argument if a United player strangled an opponent in the box who then shoved him on the way of the pitch and fought his way into the dressing room..

  8. Your definition of being provoked clearly differs a lot from my view and that of any fair minded supporter. Ronaldo dances around the ball and generally uses skill to outwit opponents, your clown of a manager along with your fans sees this as provocation. Only a complete and utter numpty would even argue the point that Pogatetz has any defence when clearly he has none. I hope the FA throw the book at 'mad dog'...

  9. yes your definition does differ a lot!
    If you read what I actually put, I said that Pogatetz has no defence.
    Neither does Ronaldo.
    You think it is right that a player is allowed to fight his way into a dressing room then?
    I was merely making a point, not picking a fight, but you've proved why nobody likes your team or your fans brilliantly. I won't be replying to your next post, but do it anyway just for yourself!

  10. Dave - you're comparing Pogatetz wrapping both his hands around Ronaldo's neck... to Ronaldo jogging after Pogatetz and shoving him softly in the arm?

    One of those is a red card offence on the football pitch, the other would be a bit of a talking to from the ref.

    Work it out, bright spark.

  11. Dave,

    I don't expect you to realise that you're a hypocrite, because clearly your views on the game differ a lot from mine and any fair minded supporter.

    Ronaldo did nothing to provoke the animal "mad dog", but here you are defending him saying black is white. Such is the life of totally a blinkered fan...

    ...the Boro fans and no doubt that hilarious mulleted manager of yours will not be happy until one of your donkey's has broken Ronaldo's leg.

  12. I agree with you...what goes around comes around....


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