Monday, December 22, 2008

Evragate: How the FA stitched-up a United player again...

If you're like me you won't have been that surprised that the FA came down heavily on Patrice Evra following his clash with the Chelsea 'ground staff' at Stamford Bridge. Fergie has made it clear that Evra has accepted his part in the fracas, but importantly he believes the punishment does not fit the crime.

Whenever a United player steps out of line the FA ensure that they come down heavily on the player concerned as was the case with Eric Cantona following his moment of madness at Selhurst Park back in 1995.

In contrast with the treatment dished out by the FA to United stars, players from other clubs are all too often treated more leniently, a perfect case of double standards was that of Alan Shearer who booted Neil Lennon in the face during a Newcastle vs Leicester clash in 1998.

When the FA announced that they would investigate the matter, reports claimed that Shearer threatened to quit the international team before that summer’s World Cup in France. In the political wrangle which followed, the PFA were among those who asked Lennon to defend Shearer at a disciplinary hearing. After much soul-searching, the Leicester player agreed and Shearer was found not guilty.

"People kept ringing me up and asking me if I was going to take legal action," he says. "I have to say I was tempted. How he got away with it I don’t know. They turned it around as if me and the gaffer were villains of the piece. I thought I was going mad. Did my head get in the way? His boot must have been in a right mess. Glenn Hoddle had his say. Tony Banks had his say. I was just waiting for a telegram from the Queen. It just shows you that some players are untouchable" said Lennon.

Going back to the Evra incident at Stamford Bridge, Scott over at Republik of Mancunia has been looking at the FAs transcript from the tribunal in which United are basically called a bunch of liars. Please take a look at the story as it makes interesting reading and Reds' everywhere need to be made aware of the appalling bias against United.

It's another FA stitch-up: One rule for United and another for the rest.....

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  1. A kangaroo court - what an absolute disgrace. This would have been thrown out in a proper court of law. No evidence just the FA felt Chelsea were more believable. Absolutely scandalous even by FA standards.

    I see Steven Gerrard has been arrested for assault. I wonder if the FA will be banning Gerrard? We all know this won't happen as the case probably won’t even get to court or if it does his lawyers will get him off. In the unlikely event of him being found guilty the punishment he will get will be less than a 4 game ban. I know some people will argue that it is a completely different case & set of circumstances (I only know what the BBC have reported) I would argue that Evra did very little wrong.

    I guess United are not appealing due to the low profile games he is going to miss.

    I hate the FA so much.


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