Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogger gives Liverpool's title hopes kiss-of-death...

Liverpool are going to win the Premier League title; there that should do the trick I have given Rafa's team the kiss-of-death, because as anyone who knows me will tell you (petebug RIP) I am an awful tipster and so with any luck the 'Merseyside Reds' will not win the league, instead the mighty Red Devils will overtake the Scousers' in this year's title race.

I have to admit though that Liverpool were very impressive against Newcastle on Sunday, they went on to win 5-1 and later that day Steven Gerrard went out on the town in Southport to celebrate. It now emerges the Liverpool skipper is currently under arrest following an assault along with five other men.

It would be totally wrong to cast aspersions about Gerrard's character or his role in this incident. Whatever the outcome of the police findings, I seriously doubt there will be any ramifications for Liverpool or the player between now and the end of the season. What's more we United fans do not want to hear any excuses emanating from Scouseland relating to this brawl, or indeed the media intrusion following what is likely to be a difficult period for all concerned. Those of you with half decent memories will recall the Leeds United players' who were involved in a not too dissimilar incident which in turn caused a great deal of upset for those involved.

As for the Champions of England, Europe and the World, next up it's Boro who visit Old Trafford later this evening. I don't know about my fellow Reds' but I've grown to despise everything about Gareth 'the Mullet whiner' Southgate and his team of under-achieving journeymen. In fact, in some ways 'Boro remind me of Boxing Day opponents Stoke City. What both Boro and Stoke lack in skill they try to make up for by using all means possible - even if it means kicking their opponents off the park -but surprisingly United have collected more yellow cards the Boro this season...I'm actually going to put this down to lousy refereeing :0).

Obviously United need a win against Boro, I'd take another 1-0 if it were offered.

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