Tuesday, November 25, 2008

United v Aalborg ticket giveaway......

United fans never tire of this champagne video footage
from the 1999 Champions League final

United take on Aalborg at Old Trafford in December and the great news is I have a pair of hospitality tickets to giveaway, courtesy of Vodafone, to anyone who reads this blog that can answer the simple United related question below.

Question: When United won the 1999 Champions League final in Barcelona, on that very day it would have been a legendary former United manager's 90th birthday, who was that man?

Please don't leave your email address in any replies / comments on the blog, otherwise you will be attracting spam, instead email me with your answers you can get my email address from my profile. The lucky winner will be drawn from all correct answers. The match is on December 10th. Good luck.

I also have some news for anyone who wants a new laptop because Vodafone, sponsors of the Champions League, have teamed up with Dell to promote the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook - a mini-laptop with Wi-Fi and embedded mobile broadband - the first of its kind in the UK (all the others rely on dongles). The laptop's pretty small and dinky - it has an 8.9" screen and weighs less than 1kg. It's one of the fastest mobile broadband connections for such a model (up to 7.2Mb/s) and is exclusively available from Vodafone - more information is here Vodafone

To promote the launch Vodafone have given an Inspiron Mini 9 to a bloke they've nicknamed LiveGuy, who will be touring around various parts of the UK, testing out the netbook whilst leaving behind clues to his location.

Every day he's out, he will have up to three Inspiron Mini 9s to give away to anyone who comes up to him and says the magic phrase, and a fourth will be given away online to who can best locate him on a Google Map. Check out how he gets on via the LiveGuy blog as well as Twitter and look out for the very latest video updates on LiveGuy via YouTube

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