Monday, November 24, 2008

Rossi set to return to United or just more hot-air from Fergie?

Question, why did United allow Giuseppe Rossi to leave United to join Newcastle United and then Villarreal? Answer, he wasn't good enough to break into the first team at United. There was of course another reason that would be the reported 10m Euros the Spanish club offered for Rossi's services. United took the Spanish club's money, but perhaps wisely the Reds' also ensured that a buy-back clause was inserted into the contract.

Ahead of United's Champions League clash with Villarreal, Fergie has hinted that the English champions would be very interested in resigning the player who has made something of a success of his move to Spain by appearing in the first-team on a regular basis and by scoring goals along the way.

It comes as no surprise to me that Fergie is talking so openly to the press about the possibility of resigning Rossi, even though it's doubtful that Villarreal will be that happy about the manager of a rival club talking so openly about signing your centre-forward, especially in the week that the two sides meet.

Spurs threatened United with UEFA action over the reported talk emanating from Fergie over the protracted signing of Berbatov, but this time United do at least have this reported buy-back clause. Nonetheless, Fergie's timing is appalling - well at least it is depending on your perspective...

In my opinion though, Fergie probably has little intention of bringing back Rossi to United, largely for the same reasons which saw the Reds' sanction his move to Spain in the first instance. The manager must surely still have some lingering doubts that Rossi will be good enough to warrant a regular starting place in the United first-team. Is Rossi really better than out-of-favour Carlos Tevez - a player with heaps more experience? Rossi would be cheaper for sure, but buying second-tier strikers' does not win you European Cups - not unless you have the luck of Liverpool.

When talking up the prospect of bringing back Rossi, Fergie was waxing lyrical about a young player who had showed much promise at United, but one who was ultimately deemed not quite good enough.

Fergie has been quite clever in talking up the prospect of a move for Rossi, because in so doing and in the event of the Villarreal star scoring against the Champions of Europe and England, Fergie has somewhat covered his backside by issuing this statement of intent to resign Rossi. In my view, Fergie talking up Rossi is little more than a half-hearted insurance policy should things go pear-shaped in Spain this week.


  1. he was unwillingly sold because he wasnt breaking into the first team as van nistelrooy was a v similar type of player to him - a natural finisher anywhere in the box. ideally we wanted to keep him, but he was too good for the reserves and wanted first team football. he would now have the chance of being a part of a top quality strike force (albeit in rotation), which, it seems, may not include tevez.
    you say why buy tevez over rossi - tevez is warming the bench and producing cold displays when coming on - do you want to spend 30mil on a squad player who is v similar to rooney? or, spend half that on a different type of player who will add something off the bench?

    im not getting onto tevez, he has the ability to be great, but rossi is a definite option. and he still has a place for united in his heart. i wonder what the buy back price is though...

  2. Tevez rots on the bench while players with not even half his ability are chosen in preference.

    Rossi isn't anywhere near as good as Tevez from what I've seen and so I seriously doubt he will be coming back to United.


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