Monday, November 24, 2008

Has Fergie lost the plot over Tevez?

IF you're a United fan, it has been a weekend of huge disappointment, because it won't be often that Liverpool and Chelsea both drop points on the same day and especially against opposition you'd normally back them to beat. Meanwhile, United of course failed to take advantage of our rivals dropping points when only managing a 0-0 draw with Aston Villa.

If Ferguson isn't furious with his stars' following what was a very poor second-half showing at Villa Park on Saturday, then frankly he isn't doing his job. On that note, many Reds cannot understand why Fergie is continually taking Carlos Tevez off, only to replace him with players who in the case of Nani will never be a genuine United star - the same can be said of Park.

Tevez is world-class, whereas Nani and Park are bit-part players at best, yet Fergie continues to frustrate when selecting triers over genuine quality. If asked, I'm certain Tevez could fill in on the left or right for United and what's more he'd make far better use of the ball.

Judging by the reaction of Tevez when being dragged off again, he will only be a United player until the end of the season, and let's be honest, who can blame him? The plain fact is many a rival would want to sign Tevez. The same cannot be said of Nani and Park.

You do begin to wonder if Fergie has been told not to build his team around Tevez, such has been his baffling treatment of the Argentine. To further cloud the picture, at the weekend Fergie hinted that he might recall Fraizer Campbell from Spurs. Why? Because from the outside looking in, Ferguson seems incapable of dealing with how best to accommodate three forwards, a fourth will only muddy his thinking even more.

I do not see Campbell returning to United in January, not unless the Berbatov injury is worse than we are being told. More likely, Fergie fears that Campbell might go on to embarrass the United manager by plundering goals for Spurs while at the same time the Reds' goals dry up on both the domestic and European front.

On the subject of shoddy work, Wayne Rooney will no doubt have nightmares about that missed opportunity at Villa Park, some are calling it the miss of the season.

Relive Rooney's nightmare miss here


  1. Good grief... why oh why do supposed United 'fans' continue to question Ferguson's aptitude? It baffles me... Tevez is either way short of form or just not able to cut it at United. Regardless of what you think, Tevez is quickly turning into one of the 'trier' category and I'd sooner see the back of him than see us waste time with him doing lots of running and nothing else. Last year we all thought his partnership with Rooney would be the next best thing since Cole and Yorke, but it hasn't happened. Tevez has barely scored, even when he has started he has failed to impress. He looks more likely to get red cards than goals and that is a liability. I would much rather see us call back Campbell and ditch Tevez. There is no way he is worth the £32 million we would be asked to pay for him to make him a signed player. Plus... the Berbatov and Rooney partnership is far more promising over the past few weeks.

    As for Rooney's miss... it was not that bad. Dipping on the volley... for him perhaps it is a bad miss not to at least get it on target, but hardly a catastrophic miss... not a gaping net blunder or hitting the bar from five feet out type of thing. Remarkable that people like you continue to question and pick nits over tiny things. We just weren't good enough to break down a solid Villa defence and suddenly we're back to the "get rid of Giggs, Fergie's lost it, Rooney's rubbish after all" type comments. Give it a rest!

  2. Sorry James but everytime someone asks is somebody loosing the plot I begin to spit blood at the screen!

    Fergie has forgotten more about accomodating 3 strikers than you'll ever know!

    Just because you have your own blog doesn't qualify you to question the sanity of one of the most decorated managers in modern times!

    If Fergie feels that Tevez is expendable at £30 million then so be it! Especially given that he brings to the table a lot of the attributes that our permanently signed strikers already do!

    And there in lies the possible re-call of Campbell, he's different! Nothing to do with potential embarrasment wether you believe it or not Fergie simply has the good of the team at heart, thats why he has won so much and lasted so long!

    You may prefer Tevez to Nani or Park for that matter but to suggest he'd be better on the wing than eiher of those shows the naivity of an internet blogger sat at his desk on a monday at lunch time after having a dissapointing result at the weekend. You'd blog how he was wasted out there if he did play him there and we got the same result, extoling the vitues of playing players in their correct positions.

    Your dissapointed sure but get a grip! If Arsenal fans consider Wenger to be untouchable how come you know better than Fergie? Rant Over!

    PS otherwise like your blog!

  3. Tevez world class seems excessive. Nani isn't a regular first team player but neither is Tevez. Let's face it; Berbatov and Rooney are better, Welbeck and Campbell are potentially better and Giuseppe Rossi will be if he isn't now.

  4. Tevez is nowhere NEAR world-class.

    On all-round play, he's a marginal upgrade to Dirk Kuyt - with less of a goal threat.

    He's worth nowhere near £30m. I'd rather we bring Campbell back, and give Welbeck and Manucho their chances too.

    Welbeck, in particular, is an outstanding prospect.

  5. Spoon, sorry but I cannot agree with you on Tevez. If anything he's guilty of one thing, which is trying too hard. At the start of the season he was our best player - but after the signing of Berbatov he was treated unfairly by Fergie and it's been that way ever since. I will add that his form has been affected by Fergie's strange decision making.

  6. Jacko,

    In case you have forgotten, let me remind you that Tevez often played wide left for West Ham, admittedly he did often drift inside, but so does Robinho at City... IMO, Tevez would be far more effective than Park or Nani in any position.

    No one will convince me that Nani or Park should be in the side over Tevez. It is a totally ludicrous situation.

    I'd be totally amazed if the vast majority of United fans agree with the way Fergie is using Tevez.

    We are not going to agree on Fergie's use of Tevez. I happen to believe that the manager is totally and utterly wrong over this single issue.

    IF as I suspect Tevez leaves he will be one of the very few to better himself when he goes, I doubt we will say the same about players like Park and Nani.

    For me, allowing Tevez to leave will be nearly as bad as letting Stam go..but for very different reasons.

  7. Tevez isn't world class? Give me a break. I doubt Diego Maradona would agree with you or come to that even Fergie.

  8. As for Rossi and Campbell, one isn't up to it hence him being sold and the other lacks the experience of Tevez.

    Welbeck is a kid and United cannot rely on kids to win the CL and the League, at least not with these kids...echoes of Alan Hansen I know, but it happens to be true this time.

  9. James it doesn't change the fact that your opinion is worth nothing as compared to the most succesful manager in the clubs history!

    Opinions are like arseholes! We all have them and they stink!

    Fact is play Tevez wide but we will then change our whole shape and ethos! We play with traditional wingers always have done! Ergo Nani or Park!

    So you love Tevez hope that works out for you! I for one trust Fergie over an opinionated Internet blogger with a short memory! As for what you believe the rest of United fans think the evidence on your blog is overwhelmingly against that!

    If you voice your opinion to the world expect to have your logic questioned, its not personal you just put yourself up there to be shot at!

  10. Jacko,

    Very funny! I don't mind you questioning my logic, blogging brings an alternative view to the often watered down kiss-ass traditional media.

    FYI: I've actually been following United for a lot longer than Fergie has been associated with the club and no doubt I'll be here when he's gone too! I have seen it least all of the modern day United since 1970 so please do not try to tell me that I don't know what I'm on about.

    Regarding Tevez and these traditional wingers you mention. Can I ask you when Park or Nani last made any effective winger like crosses or come to that actually beat a man in the style of Giggs (of old) or Ronaldo? As you can tell, I do not rate either of them, they are both a waste of space.

    We are not going to agree on this issue, but thanks for your input you're most welcome.

  11. I'm not questioning your time served I'm questining your Management credentials! Yours is just a pub opinion no more! If you where manager we'd be knackered!

    You remind me of my old fella! He always knows better than Fergie, but guess what he doesn't and never has worked in Football! Neither have you!

    You've got em on you today that's clear (Just looked at your Rossi article)and thats your perogative but your just coming across as a spoilt United fan! You've done your time and seen it all as you say but you don't sound like you have learnt anything from it!

    Just my opinion!

  12. Like you said, opinions are like arseholes and I doubt yours smells of roses....

    No one, not even Fergie is beyond reproach and questioning.

  13. If Tevez had Cassano's work ethic he'd be playing in the Conference. Let's be honest, his strong points are that he'll always fight, run and try his best, we have somebody like that, he cost £30mil., his name's Wayne and he's got technique aswell. As I continue to say, Tevez could be our new Solskjaer, except we got Solskjaer for £0.5mil. not £30mil., if we have to spend more than £10mil. for Tevez then I say tell him to pack his bags. Rossi is a different player to Rooney and Berbatov and in a theoretical, yet improbable, attacking trident he'd be more effective than Tevez and would complement Rooney and Berbatov in a two-man partnership. A lot of people allow themselves to be seduced by Tevez's work ethic and well-timed goals, this makes them overlook his lack of speed, vision and overall technique.

  14. im sorry but iv said this time and time again and everyone in england will carry on saying im wrong. And come the end of his career we will carry on saying he is a great player and he is just out of form!!! YES im talking about Rooney. Forget he is from England for one sec... i know its hard because he is the only good striker england has, but Rooney shouldnt be playing for United at this very moment. Where has his form gone again. Do we h ave to wait another 6 months so he has a good run of 6 games??? Because thats what Wayne Rooney has been for a lvery very long time now for United. Not accepting that is simply being ignorant or too blind. Tevez was playing by far the best at the start of the season and why he didnt carry on playing bewilders me. Im just being honest, and the United are the ones suffering from it. Why should Rooney have the RIGHT to play for United? And now the press and most of us want to put Tevez down!!! I say it must be real fear that most of us dont want to accept Rooney should really be on the bench. OFCOURSE Tevez isnt going to be playing well now. He hasnt played for weeks and weeks. OUT OF FORM - Definitely. WONDER what form Rooney would be in if he didnt play for as long? He plays week in week out and all he can do is put in a good streak of form for 6 matches and then we wait for 6 months before it happens again. I dont even have to mention it but we all know what Rooney has been like when he has been out for weeks... NOT GREAT and he has taken his time to get back. So ease off tevez guys and be true to urselves and united!! BUT dont worry SOMEDAY!!! rooney will come and good... cos we all know what he is capable of... hes the white PELE!!

  15. It's not about Tevez alone though. It's about his role in the team and its tactical setup, which doesn't seem to be in control and successful at the moment.

  16. I think it is all gamesmanship. Man U wants to buy Tevez but the price is too high. So Man U is trying to reduce its dependence on Tevez, by not making him first choice, in order to bring the price down. At too high a price, and with Tevez not scoring, Man U can tell Tevez's agent that Man U have got other options: Rossi, Campbell, Wellback.

  17. Jamie,

    You made some fair comments there about easing off on Tevez, he has been hard done to. And you're right about Rooney being the golden child, no one, not even the white Pele should be an automatic selection.

  18. Tong,

    You could be bang on the money there with that scenario, I posted this theory a couple of weeks ago on here.

  19. No ones opinion is greater than any one elses as they are not statements of fact they are just that opinions.

    It like saying my favourite colour is red and you saying no its not its green cause I am an artist and have been for 60 years therefore my opinion on colours is far more valid than yours as you are just a solicitor.

    Tevez rocks and he is being wasted


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