Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fergie's new 'ass kicking' book: Haven't we heard it all before?

No one will be that surprised that Fergie is going to cash-in again following the news that he's going to publish another book. We might not be surprised, but I for one am disappointed in Fergie (not that he will care), because if the publicity surrounding this latest Tome is true the manager is going to give several United legends a shellacking, I refer to; Roy Keane, Ronaldo, Jaap Stam and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

For good measure and for the umpteenth time Fergie is reportedly going lay into Posh Spice for her part in David Beckham's move to Real Madrid. I don't actually care too much about Posh; I actually begrudge wasting space in this blog even mentioning her.

Question, does anyone after all this time, really care why Stam, Ruud and Keano left the club? At the time, yes, many were upset, especially over the manner of Keano's exit.

Even more perplexing for many, was the total and utter buffoonary surrounding the Stam transfer that saw United replacing a defender who according to Fergie had lost "a yard of pace" only to replace him with one who'd lost four yards of pace in Lauren Blanc.

But it's history now, haven't we heard enough of this back-biting nonsense? With the exception of Ronaldo, everyone has moved on, so should the United manager in my view.

It's not as if Fergie needs the money is it? Lowering himself in this manner adds nothing to his reputation as a great manager. I personally still haven't forgiven Fergie for slagging off Brian Kidd in an earlier book, that episode was shameful; it was no way to treat a former loyal colleague.

When he finally retires, we will rightly remember Fergie as a great manager, but also one who lacked class at times, which is such a pity because Fergie has been a great man manager.

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  1. I whole heartily agree with your points especially with regards to Kidd, I felt that was poor show, you do start to wonder how much someone really needs to earn?


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