Saturday, October 11, 2008

Watch "Free football" over the internet - too good to be true?

Ok it's that time again, it's another weekend of tiresome international football. Does anyone really give a flying **** about England? I lost interest in the Three Lions a long time ago, the best we can hope for is that our respective club players do not sustain any injuries while on England duty this week.

As ever, the largely pathetic and all too often jingoistic press are full of stories relating to England with headlines like "Rooney has a new haircut", yawn. As if that isn't bad enough, we have to also endure unfunny Borat too.

Anyway, one game that might be worth tuning into this weekend is Argentina vs Uruguay, it's the oldest South American derby, the venue is River Plate, kick-off 18.00hrs local time.

Argentina go in search of their first victory in five games as the South American World Cup qualifying group reaches the half-way point. This for me is the game of the whole weekend, the only problem is its not on TV as far as I know, which brings me nicely onto watching football over the internet.

A few months ago I joined one of these sites which supposedly was going to give me "free access" to watching football matches over the net. Did it work? No, it most definitely did not. I won't name the site in question, but all I ended up with was a host of links to sites in places like China and I never did get to see a match. In my experience the exercise was a complete and utter waste of time.

Some, but not all of these free football sites, charge a joining fee, largely from what I can tell for the dubious privilege of providing links. I'd like to hear from anyone (not connected to one of these sites) who regularly watches football over the net, who has had a positive experience. I'd also like to hear from folk like me who have had a negative experience...


  1. Its pretty simple James.I always use,its basically a site which contains all the links of all the sports airing on the internet.So you'll get the links there if they are available,with the speed of the stream.Now you'll require software for playing that too,but more often than not,it'll just be one of the 4-SopCast,TVUPlayer,TVAnts or Windows Media Player.I regularly watch football games and NFL games online...

  2. Never pay anyone to watch football over the net: it's completely free. There are loads of sites which give you links to the available sites. You can watch using free programmes like sopcast and ppstream. the biggest problem may seem to be that most of the channels and programmes are in Chinese, but you can find sites which give you all the info you need and direct links to live channels. Remember that you'll need a good adsl connection and a bit of patience as the picture improves over the first ten to fifteen minutes. Try out for example...

  3. Hi,

    You should check out the site which has some good live footie streams.

    Not seen any South American matches so far, but Serie A/La Liga matches etc have decent quality.

    And the best part is, it is not Chinese :-)

  4. I would just like to agree with the people above. Over the last month i have been using and the service has been great. I usually get the links from the forum that direct you to a direct to a website streaming the game, and the picture quality has been superb.


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