Friday, October 31, 2008

Real Madrid taken for ride in Fergie's wind-up car...

When it comes to winding up the opposition, there's no better exponent of the art than Sir Alex Ferguson. The United manager famously cranked up the pressure on Kevin Keegan, manager of Newcastle, who at one point in 1996 had a 12 point advantage over the Red Devils in the title race, but following the Magpies manager's rant at Fergie they squandered their lead as United eventually ran out champions again. During Keegan's hilarious outburst which was seen by millions of viewers on SKY TV he coined the phrase "Love it" which entered the football lexicon.

Over the years Fergie has used the media to get his point across, he's managed to use the press largely to his advantage especially where winding-up rivals are concerned.

The latest victim to be taken for a ride in Fergie's wind-up car is Real Madrid present, Ramon Calderon, over his failed pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ferguson has reminded the Spanish club of their links to their infamous former backer General Franco. Fergie says that Real Madrid are well used to getting what they want - a tradition started by the dictator in the 1950s. It's a fair comment really, even though this is a history lesson that Real Madrid would no doubt prefer to be brushed under the carpet.

Fergie has been winding-up Real Madrid over the last few weeks, he first made the Franco analogy in the summer months, but repeated it recently when baiting former United star Gabriel Heinze, when stating that the Spanish club had only signed the Argentine as a pawn with view to prizing his mate Ronaldo away from Old Trafford.

In response, Ramon Calderon, has resorted to calling Ferguson senile. Real Madrid's lapdogs at Marca have somewhat predictably waded-in when comparing the United manager to a dictator when morphing an image of Fergie's head into that of General Franco.

No doubting that Calderon and Madrid are hoping that Fergie will soon retire, but I wouldn't rule out them being taken for another spin or two in Fergie's wind-up car before that happens.

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