Tuesday, August 26, 2008

United need to call Spurs bluff over Berbatov...

So then, who is going to blink first over the proposed sale of Berbatov to the Reds, will it be United, or will it be the crafty cockneys? I wouldn't like to wager on the outcome of either scenario and course we cannot rule out that United will, at some point this week, end their reported interest if Spurs keep on trying to screw the Red Devils, in time honoured fashion.

The prospect of the deal going through has not been helped by Spurs and Ramos who are under pressure following a dreadful start to the new season. Losing at home to Sunderland will have been hard for Spurs fans to stomach.

Having already sold Robbie Keane to Liverpool for "good money" and maybe Berbatov to United and with no obvious replacements in the pipeline, it leaves the North London club open to the accusation that there's no "plan B". What use is money in the bank if your team is propping up the division?

Reports claim that Spurs are holding out for £30m (he isn't worth anywhere near that figure given his age), NO other club would meet that valuation and Daniel Levy and Co are clearly trying it on. However, in some ways United are a victims of their own stupidity with the transfer cheque-book, given that we have given in to selling clubs over prospective targets on too many previous occasions, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick being perfect examples.

United ended up doing their level best to bail out Leeds United when they were on their financial uppers to the tune of £30m - a world record fee for a defender at the time - this when the spectre of the administrator was hanging over Elland Road. Who will ever forget our then CEO, Peter Kenyon, announcing to the world that Manchester United are cash rich.. it was an open invitation for selling clubs to take the ****.

IF the Reds had fought hard enough they could have prized Rio away from the Leeds for a lot less. The same goes for Michael Carrick, we shelled out £18m, only for Spurs to later let it be known, via "sources", they'd have accepted a lot less, which was in itself a massive PR own goal, as surely this will have upset United who won't have forgotten the stunt.

I'm personally hoping that United stand firm on this occasion because the club needs to demonstrate that they will not be held to ransom by selling clubs. The worst that can happen is we lose out on Berbatov this summer, but the message will go out that the days of United's transfer trousers being pulled down are over.

Even without Berbatov United will have at least four strikers to call upon in Tevez, Rooney, Campbell, Saha and Munucho (subject to work permit) on the latter some reports are claiming that the Angolan has been given the green light, so it won't all be bad if we fail to land the Bulgarian.


  1. "the club needs to demonstrate that they will not be held to ransom by selling clubs." how this relates to a the berbatov saga where spurs has no need or desire to sell prior to you tapping him up is beyond me and probably most unpartisan fans.

  2. I hope that we DO call Spurs's bluff on this one. We have Tevez, Rooney, Campbell, Saha, Manucho as well as Ronaldo who can play as a front man. We also have Scholes, Giggs, Anderson and Nani who can all play in 'the hole' behind an all-out striker. It would be daylight robery for us to pay a penny over £20M for the Berbster. We certainly SHOULD NOT pay over £23M. Let them make him 'rot in the reserves'. It will hurt them more than it will hurt us and they know it. I think we should **** them off anyway and buy Huntelaar

  3. If tevez is worth £32million Berba is worth £30million put up or shut up arrogant reds

  4. Spurs arent bluffing - they dont want to sell. Not to United anyway.

  5. hello .....will common sense prevail?......there is nothing crafty about a 30 mill valuation for Berbatov,
    simply a reflection of his ability so discuss and agree on 28 ish?from the outset,,,,,to say he is our best player is true,to say he is a world class player is true,to sell our main asset
    requires an honourable behind the scenes negotiation
    with sir alex ,,,no childish antics as you cant have it all your own way all the time ,
    Hypocrisy (Renaldo) is not something Sir Alex should be associated with.....

  6. Most Spurs fans feel the complete opposite!!

    I feel that it's clubs like us that need to finally stand up to clubs like you who think you can just come and get what you want when you want and for how much you want

    I hope we let Berbs rot in the reserves. It would Teach you, him and future players/clubs to maybe think twice about acting the way you have.

    ps, Berbs is one of the most talented forwards to have ever graced the game and is well worth 30 million probably more. He's a damn site better than Tevez.

  7. Daniel. Word has it that Spurs transfer plans centre of selling Berbatov...

    Irish Spur: Still hurt over Keane sale by any chance?

    Regarding DBs valuation. Spurs only paid £10m for Berbatov... he hasn't improved to the tune of £20m more.

    United have NOT agreed to pay over £30m for Tevez, that my friend is paper talk.

  8. I see it's ok for your club to stop Ronaldo leaving when he wants to and it to be seen as right by the media and also Martin O'neil with Barry and get praise for it again. MON said of Barry thats the price if you want him thats what you pay and he has been applauded for it but when it's Spurs of course it's a different story isn't it? double standards and hopocrisy, £30M's the price if it's too much don't pay and go look somewhere else end of.

  9. Tevez is worth £30million in comparison... he's got 3 years on Berbatov, meaning he has plenty more resale value in the future. Berbatov being 27 - stays with United for at least 3 years, suddenly he isn't worth that money any more.

    I hope we don't sign him, to be honest. Daniel Levy's a cock and doesn't deserve the cash. Let them keep Berbatov, have no money to buy a replacement and let them stagnate at the bottom of the league and rue the day they tried pulling our pants down.

    As for the way United have conducted themselves... not once has the name Berbatov been mentioned by someone at Old Trafford (to my knowledge). It was all paper and fan talk, though obvious we were interested... and common knowledge we placed bids. Spurs fans need to take a good old bite of the reality pie.

    As for Berbatov... he's a dick. He should be acting professionally and not like a petulant child. United have had enough of them in the past and I don't want to be paying £28million for another one. What's the stop him doing the same to us when Barcelona suddenly seems a nicer place to be? Also.. if United is his 'dream move', why didn't he come to us two years ago when we were going in for him? Idiot. Gets what he deserves.


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