Thursday, August 21, 2008

Silvestre to Arsenal is better than a move to City...

Silvestre moving to Arsenal has to be a better alternative than moving to Man City, because it's bad enough having Mark Hughes at Eastlands without adding to the numbers of ex-reds at the City of Manchester Stadium. In ideal world, Silvestre would have moved back to play in France or some other overseas destination, somewhere out of harm's way.

If the Frenchman had joined City, like Hughes he'd be on a hiding to nothing, at least at Arsenal he'll be largely among his fellow countrymen. At his age, it's a very good move for the player who has served United well; let us hope Silvestre doesn't repay the Reds by helping the Gunners to win some silverware this season.

Minimal transfer fee apart, I'm not so sure it's a great move for Arsenal though and it highlights the fact that Wenger must have some concerns about his back-four. Arsene Wenger isn't noted for signing players over the age of 30 - no doubting Silvestre will, more often than not, be among Arsenal's seven substitutes.

The decision to allow Silvestre to leave also raises the question about the future of Jonny Evans, does it mean that the Northern Ireland defender will be staying at Old Trafford rather than going on loan to Sunderland again?


  1. Proof is in the pudding - Arsene has this amazing ability of prolonging a players career. I guess time will tell.

  2. Silvestre is a quality defender.

    Also, Madrid apparently want Saviola out, he is still only 26 and is a brilliant talent all round as a forward, United should be around given their latest injury worries and need for squad depth.


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