Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Berbatov seen house hunting in Prestbury"...

At this time of year everyone; and by everyone I mean sections of the sensationalist media, print reams of transfer half-truths (in the case of Marca, blatant lies actually), largely because they know there will be no consequence apart from the hope that a cleverly worded back page splash headline will get the newsagents till ringing.

United to sign Thierry Henry! - Daily Mail - Kerrching!!! (Sub editor to the editor "here's a good one, Arsenal and United fans will buy into this one").

United to sign David Silva! Syndicated - Kerrching!!!

United to sign Huntelaar! (Often used on quiet news day Sundays throughout the summer x3 thus far) Syndicated - Kerrching!!!

Ronaldo HAS signed for Madrid - Marca - Kerrching!!!

So today I thought I'd join in the fun, given that my local decorator (Crawfords of Bramhall who do all the BIG posh houses) tells me that he's had word that Berbatov has been seen out and about house hunting in Prestbury. Make of that what you will, but coming on the back of this news the press are claiming that United could be about to up their bid for Berbatov. Kerrching!!!

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