Monday, July 07, 2008

Unlucky number seven for desperate Real Madrid?

The tiresome Ronaldo saga rumbles on with the player undergoing surgery on his ankle today with reports suggesting that he could be out of action for up to six weeks, this on the very day that Real Madrid's unofficial press organ Marca predicted that Ronaldo would become their player. It hasn't happened and it seems unlikely that it will happen this summer with United refusing to (publicly at any rate) admit there's any chance of Ronaldo being allowed to join the Spanish club.

Ramón Calderón, the Real Madrid president tried to mount a brown-nosing charm offensive at the weekend when claiming that Manchester are "friends" of Madrid. Oh really? No surprise that the forgetful one never mentioned the fact that the Reds have reported Real to FIFA for alleged tapping.

The Spanish club have been stirring it nicely from the sidelines, though they have by and large been quite clever when allowing the press to do their bidding for them. Clearly this strategy has failed, because Calderón is now publicly being quoted on the matter, today he has told United that they should be proud that Real want our star player. Does Ramón Calderón realise how dumb this sounds? It's a bit like lobbing a hand-grenade into your neighbour’s garden and then shouting over the garden fence "we are still your friends".

It sounds like Ramón Calderón has become desperate to capture Ronaldo this summer, his club have been sending out very clear messages of intent to their supporters, hinting that it was only a matter of time before the player signed. However, it is looking increasingly likely that Calderón's clumsy big-footed attempts to walk all over United have failed, hence his stupid comments today.

Ramón Calderón and his god awful club need to understand that United are a massive club who do not take kindly to their star players being poached. There is a way of doing things, but as Fergie said recently, Real believe that they can ride roughshod over all. Let us hope that in this case it turns out to be unlucky number seven for Real Madrid and that Ronaldo reaffirms his commitment to United soon.


  1. Hehe, the delusion and hypocrisy from fans of 'the biggest club in the world'(TM) never fails to amuse me.

  2. Lol my good sir you have to accept Real Madrid are simply a bigger club than Manchester. Sorry.

  3. i think easily by now most united fans have decided they don't mind whether he stays or go, preferably a decision sooner rather then later would help united plan our preseason much better.

    if he goes, literally we will have the financial power to bring anybody in (chelski like?).

    otherwise it's a striker and a left/right back.

    why has no one mentioned are weakness in defence? we have no back up for evra or brown, o'shea and neville? not enough!


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