Thursday, July 24, 2008

United's 'top target' to be sold 'on the cheap'?

According to The Sun, AC Milan and Barcelona could be offered Dimitar Berbatov for a 'knockdown' £25m. This because Spurs are reportedly unhappy about United's apparent interest and presumably their unwillingness to be held to ransom for the Bulgarian, it's been reported that the North London club are holding out for £30m for a player who we are told they do not want to lose.

I personally cannot see Barcelona or AC Milan paying anywhere near £25m for Berbatov, I'm actually less than convinced there's any firm interest from either club, the Sun's story contains no quotes and it smacks of transfer mischief-making.

My money is still firmly on the Bulgarian becoming a United star this summer for not more than £24m.


  1. Milan could hardly bid for Adebayor who was priced at a similar level, how can they go for Berbatov? A director on their board has admitted that he is frustrated on how Italy is losing out financially to English clubs and how it can hardly compete anymore. Also the report doesn't consider how Berbatov would fit into Milan's system, when he can slide into United's system of play much more easily.

    United after all, is the more prestigious club, holder of the Premiership and European Champions' Cup, the best club in the world.

  2. No offense James, i'm a first timer to this blog, but as a United fan, i'd say you've really got your red tinted glasses on if you really think after all Levy has said, he'll still sell Berbatov to United, Berbatov will not be coming to United when all this is over, i don't have sources at United, its just what i feel. It'd be nice if Fergie can prove me wrong though.

  3. Anon,

    Levy talks a good game but he'll sell and make no mistake, Spurs are a selling club and no mistake.


    You're right about Milan not being able to afford Berba and you're right about United being the better option. If Berbatov moves it will be to United - the stories linking the Bulgarian to Milan and Barca are no doubt the work of those working for Spurs.


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