Saturday, July 26, 2008

United to pay silly money for Tevez...

Here we go again it looks like United could be set to pay silly money to sign a player, this time it's Carlos Tevez. If we are believe what the papers are saying the Reds may have to break the British transfer record to sign the Argentine on a permanent basis, the talk is of a £32m deal. Which is totally ridiculous if true.

If United did not agree to pay this staggering fee, no way would any other club come even close to matching £32m. United have a history acting silly with the cheque book.

We signed Veron for £28.1m from Lazio when there was no other serious bidders, to compound matters United also gave the Roman club our centre half and they didn't pay us a penny for over two years - this after United paid cash for Veron.

We broke the world record transfer fee for a defender for Rio Ferdinand when Leeds were on the financial knees and heading for administration - we could have surely signed him for a lot less.

United and their negotiators only have themselves to blame when agents of the selling club takes advantage of the Reds' generosity - it you act daft with the cheque book then you cannot complain when others take advantage of you.

The fact the Reds are to complete this permanent siging is good news for the club and the player though, money issues aside that is. The size of the reported Tevez fee may well explain why United have not made any other moves in the market. I actually posted some weeks back that we shouldn't be surprised if Tevez is the only big deal this summer. Make no mistake though, if Ferguson does not sign a new striker following our Champions and Premier League glory he will be livid. On top of that IF and it's a big IF Ronaldo is sold, then do not be surprised if Fergie quits this summer, again I have been punting this line for several weeks and hold firm with that view.

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  1. Its just the Hacks trying to wind SAF up cause he bollocked them for their disingenuous take on what he said re Chelsea.
    All the "Sewerage" were happy to report a fee of up to £20m a couple of months back for Utd to buy up Tevez's contract.
    It beggars belief how nearly all fall for the shitterati line every time


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