Sunday, July 27, 2008

United set to switch targets after Levy's 'brinksmanship' backfires?

According to the latest transfer speculation United could be about to drop their reported interest in Dimitar Berbatov due to his club Spurs slapping a £38m price tag on the player's head.

The Bulgarian has been at the centre of a public spat between Ferguson and Daniel Levy the Spurs chairman who has verbally attacked the United manager following some quotes in the press about the Reds' reported interest in acquiring the striker.

Then over the weekend dubious media reports surfaced suggesting that both AC Milan and Barcelona are would be bidders for Berbatov, but now it's claimed that there's no serious interest apart from that of the Red Devils, which turned out to be a likely, if predictable, scenario that I'd put forward. Friday's view of the situation

In making this spat public, Levy appears to have made a huge miscalculation because again as I predicted on Friday, United could be about to drop their interest in the Bulgarian and instead they could make a move for Roque Santa Cruz.

Over the last few weeks there's been a number of stories which have suggested that it was only a matter of time before Bulgarian signed for United. The origin of these said reports is presumably at the centre of Levy's case against the Champions on this issue, which he presented to the Premier League recently. Whatever the outcome of Levy's accusations, Berbatov may well be unsettled - again this is a claim which is being made by Levy, but nonethelesss it's quite difficult to see how Levy's brinksmanship is going to pan out.

Let us not forget that Berbatov turned down United before he signed for Spurs and reading between the lines the main reason he wants out now is to be more successful, which is presumably why he wants to join the Champions.

Spurs will hopefully come to their collective senses and realise that it's a case of now or never, because they stand lose out on a potential £10m-£14m profit. If Berbatov isn't sold to United this summer he will turn out to be a depreciating asset, which is why I'm sticking to my prediction that sense will prevail and the Bulgarian will eventually sign for United, be it soon or next summer.

United have had enough of Levy's brinksmanship

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  1. I don't think Berbatov is the sort of player we need anyway. He is very much like Van Nistelrooy, in that he is lazy and will not chase the ball. I would much rather have Darren Bent from Spurs someone with pace who can lead the line and get in behind but is still a good player in the air.


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