Monday, July 14, 2008

"United fans" turning on Ronaldo is the last thing the club needs...

So then who will laugh the loudest when they hear about so called United supporters booing Ronaldo; City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Real Madrid fans?

Booing your own players was at one time a very Cityesque thing to do - no more. I always thought that United fans were above this level, seemingly not because according to today's news, it has been reported that some United supporters were singing anti-Ronaldo songs at a reserve game last night.

Those websites promoting selling the player need to take their share of the blame too for this reaction.

Here's a question for any numpties out there. Who knows best, Ferguson and the United players like Rio or the boo boys and **** stirring websites? Answers on a postcard...


  1. Ronaldo could have put paid to all this speculation long ago. It reminds me of the slow transfer of Patrick Viera over a couple of seasons at Arsenal. I'm inclined to think he will now deserve whatever he gets unless he commits his service to Man Utd to the end of his contract.

  2. Surely the fans have the right to sing what they want.After all they help pay his wages

  3. well said. At the moment, although United have their fair share of genuine fans, its becoming clear where the 'glory supporters' tag comes from. I find it embarissing how gullible the supporters are too

  4. Well said, I respect his professional ambitions and his wants and needs, however I disrespect the way he has gone about things. If he kept things to himself, Ferguson, and possibly the people down at Madrid, and gone about this discreetly, the fact that he is staying might not have been a big deal. In fact that is ideally how transfers should be discussed, discreetly among the interested parties.

    Madrid have changed all of that and Ronaldo himself has taken the bait with ridiculous statements and press activity of his own. If he had kept his head down and discussed his wants and needs with the management at Old Trafford quietly, then things would have been alright.

    It is interesting to note that those of the anti-United sections believe that United's own chickens are coming to the roost. They point to the way United handled the Rio Ferdinand transfer being similar to the way Madrid have handled the Ronaldo transfer. I myself was a blind screaming supporter then, but you clearly would have a better perspective on those allegations. Notwithstanding the clear differences between Leeds and United, is that comparison fair for you?

  5. Uday,

    It's difficult to compare the Rio transfer to Ronaldo's prospective move to Madrid. Leeds were on their financial uppers at the time and no way did United need to break the world record transfer fee for a defender to sign him, but they did and they were dumb for doing so.

    ANON: The fans do have a say, but why not answer my questions in the original post? Who laughs loudest? Who knows best, the numpties in the stand or the manager?

    Some of our so called fans are turning the club into a laughing stock!

  6. Reports are suggesting United are looking to sign Paolo Bento as assistant manager. Have you heard anything on this?

    It wouldn't be a bad idea at all as he would have been involved in the early development of many of the portuguese players now at United, and so would be a reassuring signing if possible.

  7. Uday, I dont know much about Paolo Bento, other than what is being reported in today's Sun Newspaper.

    As I mentioned last week, United need to learn from what Qeuiroz brought to United, appointing McClair would be a backward step, that is unless Scottish football suddenly starts to produce players of the quality like it did back in the 70s. Choccy has no contacts and anyway he's not doing much with the kids from what I hear.

  8. Booing your own players is definitely a no-no. But I don't want Ronaldo at OT anymore. It's not that he could have ended it earlier or anything - that's no reason. No, I just think that if his heart isn't in it, there's no point. None whatsoever. We'll move on. People said we'd collapse when we lost Stam, they said we couldn't handle the loss of Beckham, or of RVN. Showed em didn't we?

  9. good blog, keep it up, I will add to my blogroll. Anyway, no club and supporters like a player not portraying a 100% commitment to the club, and that is what Ronaldo has done. I will not boo him at all, but I may not cheer for him as hard this year or stick up for him as much in the "eWorld".


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