Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ronaldo and Fletcher, to sell or not to sell, that is the question? And are the loonies taking over?

The funniest story I've heard of recently relates to the comedy store over at Eastlands and the ongoing saga of City's owner Thaksin "Frank" Shinawattra and "PastryGate" as the case has become known. Apparently three of Frank's lawyers have been sent to jail for trying to bribe three high court judges over the City owner's impending trial, the judges were given a cake-tin stuffed with £30,000 and told to "enjoy the contents"...

I mean how stupid can one be? Who would be daft enough to bribe three judges especially in such a cack-handed manner - and these lawyers were representing the City owner. You really could not make it up could you? No wonder John Wardle has resigned.

Then today I have learnt that some United fans are for retaining the services of Darren Fletcher who has been recently linked to Everton and at the same time the same supporters would sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid, this isn't quite on the level of "pastrygate", but what is? But nonetheless, I'm completely gobsmacked and baffled. We have the best player in the world in the form of Ronaldo, yet these fans would let him go and keep Fletcher who probably isn't even the best player in Scotland or United's reserves.

On the subject of lunacy, here's a question; Is Sepp Blatter the most war-mongering Swiss citizen ever? His nation have always steered clear of getting involved in fights, but unlike his fellow compatriots the FIFA chief seems to thrive on conflict. So it comes as no surprise that Blatter has waded into the war of words between Manchester United and Real Madrid over the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The FIFA chief used the term "slave" when referring to the likes of Ronaldo and his contract with the champions. Given that Ronaldo is one of the highest paid players in the world the term slave seems wholly inappropriate and that is putting it mildly.

Not surprisingly, United have responded to Blatter's unwelcome intervention stating clearly that all contracts are signed with the agreement of all parties. Further to which if players can walk out on contracts at any stage - which is what Blatter seems to be implying, there will be complete anarchy - it would be a recipe for disaster. FIFA recently introduced new rules which stipulate when players can buy-out their own contracts, all of which has already been agreed by the clubs and Ronaldo signed his last contract under those rules.

Blatter would be best advised to keep his thoughts to himself on the Ronaldo situation, his job as head of the world governing body should be to ensure structures are in place to deal with such issues, he clearly shouldn't be seen to be favouring one side or the other in a player tug-of-war such as the Ronaldo situation, but he chooses to do so and so he is perceived as a maverick headline grabbing opportunist who treats FIFA as his own personal fiefdom.

On the futures of Ronaldo and Fletcher, I'd like to know how many Reds fans would sell Ronaldo and at the same time retain Fletcher...their cannot be that many surely? Otherwise the world has surely gone completely utterly mad and the loonies are indeed taking over.


  1. Blatter poking his bloody nose in matters like this is ridiculous

  2. Fletcher wants to stay with Manchester United, where as Ronaldo is squirming, what's the point of keeping a player against his wish, it will spoil the dressing room... I don't want him to leave, if he leaves it will be a major set back for us..

    Today he has said that he is a slave .. I don't know how much is true in that statement, but he is still refusing to commit his future to the club...

    The glorious summer of double championship is spoiled because of this greedy brat...

  3. If you were Fletcher YOU would want to stay at United wouldn't you? I doubt Real Madrid will come knocking for his services any time soon, nor even Man City or Bolton which is nearer his level...

  4. Yes it has been extremely ridiculous in the world of football. I'm surprised that the head of an international body would make such irresponsible comments. I think he got a caketin mailed directly from Madrid, I think he really enjoyed the contents.

    Well City and Madrid aren't going anywhere presently in the transfer market. The promising team seems to be Arsenal, but then again, every summer, every season they seem to be perennially promising, yet to mature, but with a top manager like Wenger, who knows?

    Fletcher should leave for maximum transfer value, Everton have been a bit high-handed about it, so United can laugh all the way to the bank if they want. However, he has been Ferguson's favourite for a long time, so I'm not sure that they will sell him. Maybe a loan then?

    Two months to go, plenty of time to pick up good players for United.


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