Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reds transfer raid reports off the mark?

Let's face it other than the "will they wont they" talk surrounding the future of Ronaldo, it's been a very quiet summer so far for United supporters. The hope is that Fergie brings in another top striker and possibly a right-back too.

If worst case Ronaldo is sold - which depending on what hour of day it is and who you believe, it is beginning to look unlikely - then the Reds might have to also find another attacking midfield player, but we all know replacing a megastar is never easy and Ronaldo is the so called best player in the world. As ever, the media have been playing their rather tiresome guessing games when coming up with the usual array of potential transfer targets, one such name is Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Bayern Munich star.

To coin a phrase, the Schweinsteiger link never had any legs. For some reason, German stars tend to stay in Germany, that is apart from the odd notable exceptions like Ballack and Klinsmann before him (Lehmann doesn't count as a star, does he?). Personally, I'd be amazed if this particular Bayern star arrived at Old Trafford this summer, it was in my humble opinion a none story from the beginning.

So who exactly will Fergie buy this summer? Well, he's already strongly hinted that it's likely there'll only be one big deal and that will probably be the addition of Dimitar Berbatov, which if true wont be a bad piece of business, that is providing Ronaldo stays along with the permanent signing of Tevez, it will have been a decent summer.

Personally, I will be delighted if the Reds stick two fingers up to Real Madrid over their clumsy and badly handled pursuit of Ronaldo.

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