Sunday, July 06, 2008

Queiroz the panto villain set for stage door exit...

According to reports United are about to lose Carlos Queiroz to the Portugal national team, the club's loss is being described by some in the media as a devastating blow. Yet it was the very same media who often blamed the former Real Madrid coach for what was perceived as the Reds negative 4-5-1 tactics. Further to which it wasn't that long ago that 'senior players' were said to have misgivings about his tactics and that 'Fergie has given Queiroz too much power - he is running the show'. Then we were told that Fergie had decided to rest back control of training and tactics from our very own pantomime villain in a bid to bring back order and United's attacking style.

Not that long ago I personally spoke to someone from within the inner sanctum of Old Trafford affairs about the influence of Queiroz. I asked if it was true Queiroz was really disliked by the players and what was his opinion of the man, I was given a "no comment - and that response should speak volumes". You can read into that reply what you will, but it wasn't a denial or a glowing tribute to the man. Unlike many stories you will read in the media, this one is actually true.

So what exactly is the truth behind the influence of Queiroz? My own view is that he has been harshly viewed by many supporters, whenever things went wrong he was to blame and not Fergie - which to me was always a bit bizarre. The manager picks the team, his ass is on the line, and he should always carry the can when it goes wrong.

Whatever Queiroz did behind the scenes he could not win and even this week some reports have suggested "he knows he will never be given the United job - that is why he will quit". Here again, the media are trying to set the agenda, how do they know who will be appointed as Fergie's replacement?

Whether or not Queiroz believed he would ever become the next United manager doesn't really matter, it sounds like he will soon be history.

In some ways the Queiroz departure will make it easier for any new managerial regime when Fergie does go and the club will receive compensation into the bargain.

No one is sure when exactly Fergie will go, my own view remains the same as it was a few weeks ago, it could even happen this summer, but that is looking increasingly unlikely, there has been suggestions that he could walk out if Ronaldo is sold behind his back. That scenario is also looking unlikely.

What's more we wont have to worry about Big Phil bending Ronaldo's ear about joining Madrid...quite the reverse.

Losing Queiroz is a blow because he has undoubtedly helped with key signings who speak his native tongue and it is to be hoped that the club learn from this. If United are to tap into the finest that Europe has to offer, then we need to have the right people in place who have knowledge, skill sets and contacts. No disrespect, but Brian McClair does not come into that category really - what has he done to deserve such an important and potentially wide ranging role? McClair has already been given another very important job, that of running the kids side of things - and here's the thing, a former local parky is doing a much better job over at Man City...

Only Fergie knows the true value of the work done by Queiroz, but we the fans know is that the United manager is still no tactical genius and this coming season he wont have the luxury of having a panto villain alongside him for everyone else to blame.


  1. That was a great article James. So Queiroz was a necessary evil at OT.

  2. Only Fergie really knows the answer to that one...

  3. You are absolutely right. If things went well it was all Fergie work, if it went wrong it was Queiroz. The truth is that we owe him the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani and even Manucho are at the club. People think that it was Fergie genius that spoted Ronaldo, but in fact it was the good contacts Queiroz had in Portugal. The same thing happened with the other I mencioned. This is the guy who "discovered" the Portuguese "Gold Generation". I think he will take the Portugal post next season. Whether that will be good or bad to United we'll see next season.

  4. great article and a great blog. Keep goin on

  5. A tremendous loss for United indeed, Ferguson should be looking at other Portuguese tongued staff, however, for those players who came to United under the tutelage of Queiroz, he is truly irreplaceable. Let's hope United can quickly recover, maybe Quieroz himself has an assistant or someone who he believes can continue to do the job he did, taking a recommendation from him might be a good idea.


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