Thursday, July 03, 2008

Madrid preparing to hoist white flag of surrender over Ronaldo?

According to Marca - Real Madrid's unofficial press organ - the Spanish club will announce the signing of Ronaldo on July 7th, which is just four days away. If that is so, then things will have to move on rapidly as United's position has not changed. The player is not for sale.

However, today comes the news that any deal could be scuppered if the player needs an ankle operation. However, any surgery is unlikely to keep Ronaldo out of action for long - if this was a serious injury, then he wouldn't have been able to take part in Euro 2008 and there's been no great rush to sort out the injury. It cannot be that serious. So why exactly is it that several reports are today claiming that the deal could be off? It couldn't be the case that Real Madrid are preparing the groundwork for a hasty retreat, realising that all their scheming and undermining will come to nothing could it?


  1. Lets hope something develops soon. The circus is going on for long

  2. Portuguese newspapers announce that Quieroz has signed on as coach of Portugal. Have you heard anything on it?

    That is more serious news than Ronaldo speculation.

  3. Uday, do you have a link to this story? I'm not so sure about Quieroz being more important than Ronaldo - after all, how many goals did he score last season?


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