Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is Berbatov really the right striker for United?

According the player's agent, Manchester United want to sign Dimitar Berbatov this summer, just like we reportedly wanted to sign him in 2006 before he moved to Spurs. So after two relatively successful seasons playing for the North London club, it seems that the Red Devils have rekindled their interest in the Bulgarian. It actually beggars belief that Berbatov chose Spurs over United, given Tottenham's lack of success over the last 20 years.

While there's question marks about the Bulgarian's choice of clubs, there's even more questions about his suitability to lead United's attack. Many observers say that he's more than a bit lazy, added to which there's been suggestions that he's prone to sulking - nothing particularly unique where footballers are concerned.

But what of his playing attributes, what exactly would Berbatov bring to the United squad that we don't already have? Certainly not pace - the Bulgarian would probably come third in a sprint with Rooney and Tevez. What Berbatov does well though is link the play around the penalty area, he's probably the best in the business in this respect, but Rooney also excels in this area.

When comparing United's existing strikers, Berbatov probably has more presence given his stature and he's certainly much more composed than Saha, for whom the exit door will surely beckon once the Bulgarian is signed.

Like Cantona before him Berbatov has that ability to find that killer pass, and like Eric he should thrive at Old Trafford, especially in the Premier League, but it will be interesting to see how well the Bulgarain does in Europe.

The only major stumbling block is the fee, quite why United should go beyond £20m is hard to justify, given that no other European club is likely to come anywhere near that valuation. Spurs, being Spurs will try to fleece the Reds and let us not forget them letting it be known via sources they'd have accepted a lot less for Carrick once the deal had been done for £18m....

Potential line-up and food for thought for Fergie on selection issues:

.................... Van der Sarr...............

Gary Neville (Brown).....Rio.....Vidic.......Evra

Ronaldo (Nani)...Hargreaves (Carrick).....Anderson (scholes)......Tevez (Giggs)

.............Berbatov (Manucho).......Rooney

That team has the potential to win the lot again next season.


  1. United are also being linked with Aguero for around 30 million pounds. For value, Aguero would be a better buy for United, as he is much younger and Ferguson can mould him into the setup somewhat as he did Rooney, Tevez and Carrick. Paying 35 million for Berbatov would be a Carrick-like fee, but we all know how well Carrick turned out for United, so maybe good times ahead.

    No news though on th new assistant manager and surprisingly no reaction from the Portuguese contingent and United, so something strange is going on there certainly. Maybe Quieroz told them that if they continue playing for United in the future they are sure to start for Portugal? That would be a great parting gift.

  2. It would be interesting to see Tevez in left wing. We saw last in the last world cup what he can do from there. Or maybe a 4-3-3/-4-5-1 will be played instead of a 4-4-2?

  3. Uday, I think Berbatov will do ok, but given his sulking he could upset the harmony in the dressing room if not selected and he's slow. A lot will depend on his attitude.

    Aravind, Glad you spotted that Tevez can play wide left, some United fans are totally blinkered, didnt he start there in the CL final too?...


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