Friday, July 25, 2008

Capello embarrasses FA over pension top-up plan...

It's no use pretending, Fabio Capello is here primarily for one thing and that is to top up his pension plan which is what I posted when he was first appointed by the hapless FA. Earlier today it was revealed that the Italian had let it slip that the 2010 World Cup would be his last tournament, not surprisingly and in response the FA issued what amounted to a damage limitation statement which will be seen for what it is.

Few if any fans will blame Capello for his stance, the England job is easy money, it's a bloody good earner, it's a chance to earn a few million quid for managing an average international team for a handful of games each year.

However, while we can agree that this is a very good deal for the Italian, on more than one occasion he has mentioned the lack of English players in the Premier League, he says it is only 35%, whereas in Serie A it's more like 72% where Italian players are concerned.

The thing is this, Capello was aware of this imbalance before he took the job - if he had serious reservations about the lack of English players before he took the job, then why did he accept it? By harping on about the lack of English players, it could be argued that Capello is making excuses in anticipation of failure.

It is to be hoped that some good will come out of Capello's griping - it won't be another World Cup win for England that much is for certain. This is not a popular view, but I personally believe the FA, UEFA and FIFA need to do something to restrict the numbers of overseas stars in the Premier League. Every English team should have a minimum of four to five English players.

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