Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calderon revelation on Ronaldo proof enough that Madrid are guilty of tapping?

According to Ramon Calderon, Cristiano Ronaldo is set to hold talks with United next week; given that this news comes in the wake of United's tapping up allegations presented and rejected by FIFA, is it not strange that Calderon was the one who delivered news of these Ronaldo talks to the big wide world? I mean, how the hell does Calderon know that United and the want away winger are set for talks unless he's been in direct contact with the player's agent or indeed Ronaldo himself?

Clearly, FIFAs inaction on this issue has given Calderon yet more confidence that his club can ride roughshod over all. Calderon and his club have a brazen disregard for rules and will stop at nothing to get what they want. However, it's looking increasingly likely that Ronaldo will stay at United which is great news for the club.


  1. this shit r madrid and calderon dont have any life.Stop the crapp and try to believe in the players you got in ur club. Its just like you insulting your own players abilities.They gave you 2 trophies in last two seasons so atleast respect them rather insulting them. You cant be a coach/manager/president because you dont beleive in team work, you beleive in one man army you moron.Now stop acting like a child and start motivating your own players and respect them you S*** B******.

  2. he keeps saying there is nothing he can do, well theres 2 things
    1) get ronaldo to put in a transfer request
    2) do the thing that most clubs do when they want a player but a bid

    but what he should do is go tell someone who cares

  3. "However, it's looking increasingly likely that Ronaldo will stay at United which is great news for the club." - part of such good news is the figurative sticking-up of two fingers to Calderon and the knowledge that Real will realise that they are not quite as irresistable as they imagined.


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