Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The biggest transfer joke of the summer....(so far)

IF it wasn't for the ongoing Ronaldo to Madrid saga we United fans would be doubled up with laughter at Manchester City whose leadership is every bit as deluded as their supporter base in their collective belief that they really are a big club.

Thaksin Shinawatra had us rolling with laughter when it emerged that his lawyers recently tried to bribe three judges over his impending court case in Thailand, the case has become known as "pastrygate" this after £30,000 was given by way of a bribe to the court officials. The three lawyers have been sent to gaol.

Before "pastrygate" and to the bemusement of just about everyone Dr (arf) Thaksin sacked Sven after what many fans agreed was a reasonable first season and let's be honest, many City fans would settle for taking six points off United, but it didn't stop Shinawatra from swinging the axe. The appointment of Mark Hughes has been greeted with a predictable mixed reaction by City fans. Hughes carries the stigma of being a former United star and for some, it will be difficult to forget that, such is the depth of feeling towards all things United.

Level headed City fans are more opening minded about the appointment of the Welshman, but Hughes will have his work cut out to please the Citizens' and their tinpot dictator.

So what of City's transfer activity so far this summer, well they managed to retain Richard Dunne and that was "massive" for them, the signing of Brazilian Jo could turn out to be "massive" too. However, the biggest joke of the whole summer so far has been the misguided and very public pursuit of Ronaldinho who has agreed to join AC Milan.

The more clued up City fans will have known the Ronaldinho transfer was doomed from the very start, it had all the hallmarks of a club trying to big themselves up - it was a very cityesque thing to do. In trying to sign a player who was never coming, the Blues have left themselves open to allegations they were only on a mission to drive up season ticket sales, it was nothing more than a PR exercise that has resulted in the club looking once more like a laughing stock. And if this wasn't anything but a PR exercise than why was there any need for City executive Gary Cook to go so public about this transfer?

The BBC online sport website has today suggested that City have "lost out in the race" to sign the Brazilian, in truth the Blues were never in this race, they were a non-runner from the start.

Whether or not Hughes be able to transform City from serial under achievers to winners is a good question to ask, the odds must be stacked against that happening. Whatever happens on the pitch Shinawatra and & co are likely to keep us amused for a while longer. What price on City heading the table for the early weeks of the new season only for them to slowly drift into mid-table mediocrity?


  1. Considering we lost out on Ronaldinho after almost confirming the deal with him, I think it kinda puts us on the same boat as City. But it definitely is funny to see them build their hopes so high only for it to be quashed... yet again.

  2. Where big club credibility is concerned, you cannot put City and United in the same sentence.

  3. That just goes to prove you cant win everything and sign anyone with cash. Chelsea were able because of Mourinho and his boys from Porto, and it stemmed from there.


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