Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fergie vs Scolari "the pugilist" - a battle in prospect to savour...

IF you believe what you read in the press the pundits claim that appointing Scolari is a gamble - given that "Big Phil" has won the World Cup with Brazil, what does that make the Avram Grant appointment? By comparison giving the Israeli the job was a much bigger gamble given the relative experience of both managers.

By all accounts Scolari is his own man, he is no lickspittle, which could be why people are suggesting that there might be an element of risk attached to the Brazilian becoming the latest ring-master at the Stamford Bridge circus.

Scolari is something of a pugilist, he's been known to punch players, fans and journalists alike, which makes his arrival all the more interesting. The Premier League needs colourful characters and the prospective battles between the top managers and clubs is one to really look forward to in anticipation.

Following on from Chelsea's end of season downfall in Russia, how they react next season will be interesting to say the least...


  1. Interesting 'label'. Its funny right. We think the circus is in Old Trafford with the lions dancing to the tunes of Ronaldo. You people think the circus is in Stamford Bridge with Scolari now the latest to cause the 'downfall'.

  2. Scolari isn't exactly the greatest option for Chelsea. With Portugal presently, he is making tactical errors in not playing Quaresma and putting the attacking Portugal squad in a defensive setup thus undermining their total potential.

    Let's see what happens, he would want to end his international career with a flourish, so he might get even more defensive as this tournament goes forward, something worse off for the brilliant portuguese squad.

  3. great video by the way.

    Hey aravind, Ronaldo is irreplaceable, but Beckham and Van Nistelrooy were irreplaceable themselves. We still came back to win titles.

    What's Chelsea going to do with Scolari and the prospective loss of Drogba, Essien, and Lampard?

  4. @Uday:
    I don't consider Beckham as irreplaceable.
    And Essien is going nowhere.

  5. Haha, that scene has so many uses. Quite a few of them were floating around youtube after the Super Bowl, where New England came up short in their own attempt of an "invincible" season.


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