Sunday, April 27, 2008

United players branded as "thugs" by gutter-press...

The London based gutter-press have laid into the United squad labelling them as "THUGS" following an altercation on the pitch immediately after yesterday's 2-1 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Patrice Evra was at the centre of what looked like nothing more than a case of 'handbags' when a member of the Chelsea 'ground-staff' allegedly swore at the Frenchman when telling the fullback and his team-mates to move to another area of the pitch.

The press are never slow to act as judge and jury whenever a United player appears to step out of line when in the public eye, so Reds fans won't be surprised at the reaction of some of the downmarket tabloids.

No one from United has commented on the provocation which led to Evra losing his cool. Until the facts come out we won't know what caused the Frenchman to snap. There has been no suggestion that racist comments were made but we cannot rule it out either.

After making a fairly quiet start to his United career, Evra has fast become something of a terrace hero with his all action style. The Frenchman was raised on the mean streets of Paris, and despite his tiny stature he can look after himself. The fact that he stood up for himself in this incident will do his reputation no harm at all where United fans are concerned.


  1. The only way to shut everyone up will be to win the next three games. All focus should be on stuff on the field.

  2. Just like clockwork David Mcdonnell wheels in his idiot comrade Martin Lipton at the first sign of controversy. They set themselves up as judge and jury for their bone headed readership to drool over. And what do they do when their non story dries up half way through? They tag on an unexplained story about Gary Neville. ' Our sources in France......' blah blah blah! You just have to laugh!! The usual self important opinions from the self important who don't seem to understand that the man in the streets' opinion is equally as important as the two wannabes that put their name to this rubbish.

  3. Yep, it was a racist provocation, reports from United players confirm it. Completely unneccessary provocation from the Chelsea ground-staff, United are ready to put forward a complaint on Chelsea with the FA, lets hope they dock points from Chelsea, because the next game against West Ham looks a certainty to drop points in


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