Monday, April 28, 2008

Striker gamble set to backfire on Fergie?...

Ferguson's gamble of playing an injured Wayne Rooney against Chelsea at the weekend could back-fire in spectacular style at Old Trafford on Tuesday night in the second-leg of the Champions League semi-final. The England striker was injured in the recent Blackburn match and had not fully recovered when the Reds travelled to Stamford Bridge on Saturday. It's likey that Rooney has only been able to play the last two games after taking pain-killing injections - the question is, has he made the situation even worse? Rooney is no Louis Saha and it's therefore likely that if it's at all possible he'd play even if he's carrying an injury.

United have been short of quality cover up front pretty much all season and now Ferguson's failure to act decisely in the transfer market could home to roost. It will be something of a tragedy if United do not win at least one trophy this season given how entertaining they've been, but following a recent run of dire away performances, even die-hard Reds must now have some doubts about their ability to cross the finishing line as Champions.

The news on Nemanja Vivdic isn't looking too encouring either, the Serbian lost a tooth courtesy of Drogba's knee, another tooth came through his lip. Vidic has been a rock all season in the heart of the defence, but like Rooney he did not train today with the rest of the United squad.

Reds fans will be hoping that both players give the manager the green light tomorrow, but it must surely be starting to look unlikely that either will face the Catalan giants.


  1. Yes, a consistent and correct theme in this blog, Ferguson's lack of options up front, let us hope that United don't have to pay, and Tevez fires with a 4-5-1 and a somewhat frail defence.

  2. It's squeeky bum time. If Rooney doesn't make, then I think we need to match Barcelona's 4-3-3 with Ronaldo-Tevez-Nani up front with a midfield of Hargreaves-Carrick-Scholes. Sorry, Anderson was woeful on Saturday so it has to be Scholes for this game. And may be Neville back at right back with Brown in the middle, otherwise Pique for Vidic. Point is, there is more than enough quality to get the job done. They just have to play Manchester United football, and not the defensive play-for-a-draw rubbish we've seen in the last 2 games. Get a grip Fergie!

  3. Anderson didn't play well at the weekend, but Scholes has been rubbish in his last few games, and the Brazilian hasn't been given too few chances of late.

    Against Chelsea, Anderson was played in the wrong position - he was too far forward - we needed him scrapping deeper like he did so well against Gerrard earlier on in the season.

    Regarding Fergie and his tactics. Prior to the clash with Barca he was talking like a United manager, but when it came to the game he acted like frightened rabbit caught in the headlights. The fear of losing had clearly got to Fergie, he wasn't bold he tried to play it safe. It was exactly the same when Porto knocked us out, Fergie left Ronaldo out his starting line up.

    WE could pay the price and live to regret not attacking Barca in the first leg - if that happens it will be entirely because Fergie bottled it in Spain - that performance was shocking and embarrassing. Barca will be stronger tonight. We might not be.

    Barca will score at least one goal, so make no mistake we are very much up against it.


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