Friday, March 28, 2008

Manchester United and the Temple of Doom....(one for the anoraks)

It surely cannot be that often that a football club has played part in helping to make a Steven Spielberg / George Lucas film, but that is precisely what happened when they were making the Temple of Doom - which formed part of the Indiana Jones trilogy.

The leading star the film was of course none other than Harrison Ford; however, while riding an elephant in Sri Lanka, Ford dislodged a disc in his back. The star of the silver-screen first travelled to London's Harley Street in the hope of fixing the problem. Fearing that there could be litigation issues if the Harley Street doctors' made Ford's back worse, they all refused treatment.

Harrison Ford then turned to Manchester United's club doctor for help, which was duly given allowing shooting to continue, although he eventually ended up having surgery back in California which finally resolved his back problems.

Not a lot of people know that Spielberg served as an uncredited executive producer on, Shrek, but rumours that the Hollywood director modelled the cartoon character on Wayne Rooney are not actually true, nor are the rumours that Sir Alex Ferguson could be cast as Obi-Wan Kenobi ("use the *@*@ing force Rooney...") in a mooted remake of Stars Wars.

However, there could be some substance behind the stories suggesting that Peter Crouch could star in Steven Spielberg's proposed remake of the 1934 classic "The Circus Clown". Watch this space.

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  1. i think the docter needs to help the manchester united players frist,
    but I surpose a helping the famous out is what they do best !


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