Friday, March 28, 2008

Capello compares Beckham to Ronaldo and Rooney to Torres - has he last the plot?

According to the Daily Star's Brian Woolnough, Fabio Capello was not only happy with England's unconvincing performance in Paris, but he also gave an interview in which he compared Beckham to Ronaldo - he went further suggesting that Rooney could be like Fernando Torres. Has the Italian been reading the Kevin Keegan book on football management?

Ronaldo and Beckham cannot seriously be compared, nor can Rooney and Torres, but according to Woolnough the Italian was being deadly serious. The fact is given Capello's record he can say what he likes, the tabloids wont lay into him - not yet anyway - but the FA should be slightly alarmed at such statements (if they are collectively awake that is).

Perhaps having taken stock of the English players at his disposal Capello has been left clutching at straws - it's certainly sounds like that is the case. If any previous England manager had made the same comparisons the tabloids would have had a field day, as the Sun did with the "Turnip" aka Graham Taylor. Added to which there would be calls for the men in white coats to take the manager away. We are nowhere near that stage yet with the former Real Madrid coach.

They are coming to take me away, haha heehee...

However, the Italian's honeymoon period looks to be coming to a swift end, the question is how long with the marriage last? One thing is for sure if Capello carries on like this he might give us the fans a few laughs along the way - I'd like to see him losing the plot with the FA and the press. Do they really need to be told that there are not enough quality English players in the Premier League? Do they really need to be told that something HAS to be done about this? One of the problems is the agenda setting journalists ALL have their own reasons for not supporting initiatives on player quotas - which in my view will help the English national side in the long term. The imposition of quotas might be against EU laws - but that doesn't make it right.

Perhaps the greatest single thing that the Italian can bring to the English game is a different perspective and given his standing in the game it is hoped that those in power will listen to him when he speaks out, if only he doesn't continue to give Keeganesq press briefings....


  1. Okay, those were keeganesq comments. however the fact of the matter is that there are enough quality players in the English team.

    The problem is, is that the team seems not to have learned to grind out results when playing not at their top level (as Italy or United do), nor have they clearly begun playing as a team. (They only seem to do that against vastly weaker countries). Thus the quality is there, it is the matter of churning out the team performances.

    Capello will bring that winning mentality and a new-found team spirit.

  2. I think that you will be proven to be wrong. The quality isn't there and so no matter who is the manager it wont make a jot of difference. Not until we have more quality strength in depth anyway. For starters and perhaps most importantly, England do not have a genuine centre forward - if they did then things might look better, but they don't.

    Capello will not make a difference.


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