Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arsenal fans pay Anderson back-handed compliment...

Reports claim that fans at the Emirates stadium booed Manchester United midfielder Anderson when Brazil took on Sweden last night. It is assumed that those who booed the Brazilian were Arsenal fans - no surprise there. Over the years fans have always given rival stars stick, when it happens it's usually a sign that the player in question is doing well, so rather than be upset Anderson should take this as a back-handed compliment. After a somewhat quiet start to his United career the former Porto star has really looked the business for the Red Devils this season.

Elsewhere on a night lacking in high-drama on the pitch, most fans were surely dividing their attention between watching two teams trying to off-load fish on Islington Market as the new series of the Apprentice got under way and France vs England in Paris - which turned out to be a damp squib.

Question; Was anyone surprised that England lost, even though France were seriously under strength? I for one was not. Capello will not provide any answers to England's problems and the sooner everyone realises that the better. Appointing an Italian was a joke, the FA should have given the job to either Steve Coppell or even Alan Curbishley, at least they are English. If we are going to be a laughing stock we might as well do it with one of our own in charge.

An Englishman being slapped around the head with a giant Cod - the FA have beeng doing it for decades to English fans...



  2. Dead right. It's Cappello's last job in football, just check his age and CV - win or fail he makes a million plus quid.

    Anderson is going to be great - just needs to get his shots on goal like Scholes, and not Row 55 like Nicky Butt used to do.

  3. Absolute load of tosh - you want to write off Capello after two friendlies, yet you think we'd somehow be better off with Coppell or Curbishley?? Give the fella a chance...and don't forget what happened the last time the job was given to a mediocre Englishman!

    Anderson on the other hand - destined for greatness.

  4. You have totally missed the point. It wont make any difference NO MATTER WHO is the manager. Sven will prove to be the better of the two managers and if I'm proven to be wrong then please remind me....


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