Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Festive spirit falls flat as Fergie gives United fans last rites...

Following the narrow 1-0 victory over Birmingham City Fergie went on the offensive when blasting the home supporters for their lack of vocal support. However, no one should be surprised at the lack of atmosphere at this fixture. The night before everyone was out celebrating the New Year until the early hours of the next morning. For many fans New Year's Day is a time for recovering from the events of the night before, and for contemplating the horror that is the return to work. Many fans up and down the country will have been feeling like the proverbial living dead. Even the players who aren't allowed to celebrate like the rest us were off-key against Birmingham, it was at times a very lack-lustre performance by United.

Fergie has every right to complain, but the media are still going on about a similar ill thought out Roy Keane rant about the Old Trafford "Prawn Sandwich brigade" which was made in 2000, this phrase is still being used today to describe the Old Trafford crowd by some in the media.

No doubting some people will also be questioning the poor timing of Fergie's comments given the death of Motherwell captain Phil O'Donnell. Though I personally wouldn't say Fergie was wrong on that score. The fact is though that this game will not be remembered because of the wonderful first-half goal which was created by Ronaldo and finished by Tevez, but it will remembered as the game when Fergie likened this match to being at a funeral.


  1. I was skeptical about how our season will end until i read this post. This is a smart view. I think i regain my positive thoughts about the Reds.

    As Cantona says, 'great teams also lost games, but not as much as bad teams'. I think our season is not bad at all.

    You made my day.


  2. Fergie can go **** himself over this issue as he has supported or stayed silent over every crowd control measure imposed on the fans at Old Trafford for the last 20 years. United have some of the most over zealous stewards in the Premier League and this has led to many problems within the Stretford End. The OT atmosphere is as good if not better than any other ground in Europe.


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