Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Men who play with odd-shaped balls and 'fans' who boo their own players...

This blog has temporarily fallen asleep during another unwelcome Premier League hiatus while International football and 'Rugger' takes centre stage. During the build-up to England's Euro Championship's Group match with Russia in Moscow there's been so little news to comment on that I've even been contemplating writing about those men with who play with odd-shaped balls, but then again maybe not...

So instead let us discuss what has become the ugly side of the beautiful game and specifically those so called 'fans' who boo players like Frank Lampard. He doesn't get booed by the Chelsea fans, but of late, whenever he's been selected for England a large vocal section of the numpties who follow England have been booing the midfielder every time he's gone near the ball. He's even been booed while warming up.

Booing your own players isn't anything new where England fans are concerned, the little Inglunders have a history of booing United players down the years. David Beckham, became a figure of hate for the mob after he was sent-off during the 1998 World Cup Finals, our so called gentlemen of the press didn't help matters when stirring up tensions. It was ever thus.

Beckham eventually won the hate mob over with his performances on the pitch for England and that is precisely what Lampard is going to have to do if the mindless booing is to stop.

Quite why Lampard gets booed and Steven Gerrard, another international under-achiever, does not is hard to understand.

I'll be glad when we get back to Premier League action perhaps then we will be able to forget about the boo-boys and those who play with odd-shaped balls for a while.

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