Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why Leeds 15 point deduction is qute right: Bates is to blame.

Ken Bates and Dennis Wise can carp all day long about the 15 point deduction for the coming season, but the fact is that if Ken Bates hadn't swung the lead with his initial offer of just one penny in the pound to the clubs creditors and instead came up with a reasonable settlement to all then Leeds wouldn't have been in this sorry mess.

Bates tried it on with a cheeky bid to buy back the club for next to nothing and the resulting mess which has contributed to Leeds share of the tv money being withheld. Following on from that, and as you'd perhaps expect, Bates and Wise have been moaning about being hamstrung with no cash to buy new players, but here again this is entirely down to one man. Ken Bates. You reep what you sew.

Leeds fans aren't stupid and they will realise who is to blame for this latest shambles, it isn't Ridsdale or O'Leary this time.

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