Friday, August 03, 2007

Silverware on the horizon for the Berties?

Reading the comments from our “blue cousins”, it appears that many of them could not care less about Shinawattra’s murky past. One of them actually commented that, as he is now one of their own , we all stand together – the writer mustn’t have heard of Peter Swales or Francis Lee (along with numerous players hounded out of the club)

I do have to agree with some of them – Shinawattra is, in all probability, no worse and probably better than some previous Thai prime ministers. I’m certain if you asked anyone in Thailand who they would prefer, Shinawattra or a Military Dictatorship – the former would win hands down. His human rights record requires some scrutiny, though.

However, little has been made of why Wardle and Co were so desperate to sell the family silver (not that there’s much of that at the council house) to the first bidder. Why were they so desperate? Why did they not check up on his past – they must have realised that it could/would cause some controversy. If, as some reporters suggest, they also sold up at a huge personal financial loss – did they know something the rest of don’t?

In obtaining the services of Sven, city will, undoubtedly, stay in the Premiership this coming season. Something that, after witnessing some of their woeful performances towards the end of last season (I can’t recall a more abject and disgraceful performance than the one they served up in the Derby – and I’ve seen them lose 5-0 at Old Trafford), I thought they were certainties for the drop unless there was massive (oops) investment and a major overhaul.

You never know, they may eventually win some silverware if they can keep hold of the personality challenged Mr Eriksson (Lord knows, it’s about time).

One thing is certain though, and I’m sure all city fans deep in their hearts know this – it will all end in tears.



  1. I was talking to City fan of some 40 years this week, I said to him "so hang on a minute, if this Frank had taken over United, you'd have something to say about that, ref him being a fit and proper person and his record on human rights?"

    Bertie: "Of course we would!"

  2. One other thing. Wardle aren't & Co aren't in the super rich league and as such they should never have got involved in the first place.

    Hence the rush to get out ASAP and the urge to sell at a loss to someone with such a dubious record as 'Frank'.

    Many blues have praised Wardle, and for now City fans might be in Sven heaven, but if things turn pear shaped they might well then take a different view of the former Chairman...

    As you rightly point out. The City fans turned on former Chairmen Peter Swales and Francis Lee.

  3. Had Abramavich's millions not made a success of Chelsea, I'm sure there'd be mutterings about his alleged Russian Mafia connections.

    With so much money involved, I bet there isn't a club where there isn't something dodgy, be it financial or other.

    Such is football today!


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