Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pro Liverpool BBC reporters continuing anti-United agenda...

United have made a stuttering start to the new season with no wins to date, which in turn has led to many reporters in the largely pro-Liverpool BBC suggesting that United are currently relegation material.

That relegation suggestion is frankly embarrassingly laughable, but nonetheless Fergie and Reds fans will be looking for that first elusive victory when Spurs visit Old Trafford later today.

Jose Mourinho who's normally quick to highlight any perceived weakness in Chelsea's rivals, says that United will soon be making a fist of it with the leading clubs. In contrast to the BBCs largely childish reporting on the Reds, this is something of a surprise given Jose's previous form.

Ferguson has fallen out with the BBC following a report about his son Jason. Since then the BBC its reporters and the United manager have been at war and you wonder if this why just about every BBC Radio 5 Live reporter has over the last 24 hours have been gloating on air about United's lowly league position.

The BBC has long been seen by many United fans as haven for Liverpool supporting reporters. Five Live's commentator and 606 presenter Alan Green is a well known supporter of the Merseyside Reds, this is why his views are seen by many Reds as slanted towards his own club and he's openly admitted that he for one does not see to eye-to-eye with the United manager.

However, Green is by no means the only ABU presenter within the BBC, far from it, because just about every mention of United over the last 24 hours on Radio 5 Live has been accompanied by gloating references about United's poor season so far.

The Biased Broadcasting Company needs to get back to reporting the facts without the need to stoke the anti-United fire.

Whether or not the BBC has an anti United agenda is open to debate, but that is the perception some Reds have of 5 Live at this moment in time.

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