Friday, August 17, 2007

Keane on WAGS: His own wife hasn't moved to Sunderland....

Roy Keane has questioned those players who have refused to move to Sunderland hinting that their wifes and or girlfriends don't fancy moving to the North East because there aren't enough glitzy shops. The Irishman says these players have gone soft.

However, it's been revealed that Roy Keane's wife hasn't moved out of South Manchester, reports in the local evening newspaper claim that the family are still living in a rented house in Hale.

Keane would no doubt argue that he himself has of course moved and that is the only thing that matters, but given his own situation it make his claims about players going soft look hollow. Pot's and kettle's Roy?


  1. What are you talking about? I think you missed the point completely. Roy's claim was that players were unwilling to come to the NE because their WAGs control their lives. Regardless of where Mrs. Keane lives, Roy runs his own life (apparently influenced only by football), and he went to Sunderland. There is nothing at all hypocritical about his stance.

  2. As I stated in the post, the fact that his own wife hasn't moved makes his claim look hollow.

    Keane says players were being influenced by their WAGs, we have no idea what has happened with Keane and his wife, but the fact he's up there and she is in South Manchester leaves him open to the suggestion that he's been unable to persuade his pwn WAG to move - which only serves to illustrate the problem in a nutshell.

    Realistically Keane cannot expect stars to move up to the North East without their partners.


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