Friday, August 17, 2007

Gerrard puts club before country: Who cares?

So Steven Gerrard will be risked against Chelsea on Sunday despite having a hairline fracture on one of his toes. Rafa Benitez the Liverpool manager says that it isn't a risk and that the player will play once he's had an injection. There's nothing new about this practice, it's well documented that down the years players have played once they've taken pain killing injections.

So what about the club v country debate because Rafa has also hinted that England's friendly with Germany next Wednesday comes too soon for Gerrard.

Clearly Liverpool are desperate to win the title this season, otherwise they'd be taking no chances with Gerrard. More fool them if Gerrard breaks his toe.

As far as England are concerned, we know what Gerrard can do so there's nothing to be gained or learned from playing the Liverpool skipper.

Clubs pay the players wages, their interests should come first every time. There shouldn't even be a debate about this.

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