Monday, July 30, 2007

United season ticket 'waiting list' disappears...

We have an update on a story which we brought to you last week regarding the supposed 'waiting list' for United season tickets.

Last Friday was the deadline for season ticket renewals, and given that United have claimed in the past to have anything between 10,000 and 18,000 members on the 'waiting list', it is somewhat surprising to say the least that the club are now offering season tickets to any Tom, Dick or Harry. So much for the 'waiting list'.

Waiting list - what waiting list?

Many disgruntled supporters are deeply unhappy about being forced onto the clubs Automatic Cup Scheme, which stipulates that fans must agree to purchase tickets for every home game including cup matches.

The ACS massively increases the price of a season ticket, and coming on the back of huge price increases for next season, it has been reported that the much maligned ASC scheme was the last straw for several thousand supporters, who have given up their season tickets.

Fans are so unhappy about the ACS that the club are set to be challenged in court by a supporter who is being backed by fans group Manchester United Supporters Trust.

MUST want to see the government in the form of the Office Fair Trading intervene and take action over what they see as the club misrepresenting the facts in order to manipulate the market by falsely creating a demand for season tickets which in turn drives up the cost.

A MUST spokesperson commented "The way loyal Manchester United supporters are now being treated makes one wonder whether the Glazers' sponsors,
companies like AIG, Audi, Nike and Budweiser, treat their own customers
with such contempt as the owners of the company they are sponsoring? As a
first step MUST is currently taking advice with a view to a complaint to
the Office of Fair Trading regarding this abuse of a dominant market
position and if the ghost of the season ticket waiting list is resurrected
by the Glazer spin doctors then this will surely form part of the evidence
which will be submitted."

WE here at United blog towers implore all fans to join MUST

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